Alt Right Torah with Luke Ford

Google Hangouts was buggy from the start today so there are three separate broadcasts. But Vivian was here so that makes up for it. Casey lurked in chat. Today’s reading is Parasha Shemot (Exodus 1-6).
I’ve put the entire chat transcript, which Luke always helpfully includes on his blog, below the fold. Our viewers are very few but sharper still.
I join Luke in the second broadcast.

Today opens with the question: what is the state of the alt right? Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
Youtube chat:
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis the eventual Reconquista is going to take 100 years, Caesar will not save us this time
Paddy Mcgill​Wife with a purpose is denied service by twitter. Faggots sue and ruin a Christian couple for denying them service and it’s upheld in Oregon
Rafael​Thoughts on NeoCons celebrating Iran protests?
Paddy Mcgill​So how does Talmudic teaching tie in? To learn that it’s a evil Jewish supremacist publication ?
James Edward​Hail Victory
Paddy Mcgill​President Trump is the best President in my lifetime. On foreign policy so far he is a disappointment.
Paddy Mcgill​The Iran deal was good. Any move away from war is good. The Jewish Neocons want war and this outbreak of protest has CIA hands all over it
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ yup
Paddy Mcgill​There was a huge surge of protest against Syria. Had that not happened Obama would have gone into Syria
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​The irony is that the most hated group in America (white hetero males) will be sent out to die for Greater Israel. I wonder how woke the avg soldier is at this point.
Paddy Mcgill​Many in the military are foreigners , black and Hispanic gang members , illegals , faggots themselves. The white men I think know U.S. foreign policy is bullshit
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis nice Dude reference
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke I thought the Talmud was codified AFTER the Temple destruction, no?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​got it
Paddy Mcgill​Thanks !
eladsinned​Market dominant minorities resented everywhere
eladsinned​”World on Fire” by Amy Chua
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Dennis’ cat is soaking up some Vitamin D
Greg Girardin​Jews are different than other diasporas. Look at their influence on our immigration. Chinese don’t do that..
Luke Ford​Good point
Luke Ford​there are similarities and differences
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Keep in mind that this is happening because our elite is designing it that way. It’s not happening organically.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​for example, blacks have cultural power because their garbage is pushed 24-7. My grandparents would hate our current society.
Greg Girardin​Blacks have cultural power because they’re propped up by Jewish influence. Jewish media hides black dysfunction.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Vox Day would agree with Luke
Rafael​Gangster rap is also pushed by jewish music labels in germany​wait did you say germans have been good or bad for america?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian he said good​what about scandinavian immigrants?​are blacks rude because that’s just how they are or are they just rude to whites because they hate whites?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I’d disagree, even Germans and Scandinavians were very different from Anglos.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​blacks are just rude IMHO​why are they so rude?​like whenever one is helping me at a store or something they’re just always rude in some way
Rafael​Anglos are liberals (classical), Germans are socialists, French are anarchists​^yes
Rafael​I think it’s because of abstract thinking. They have a hard time of putting themselves in other people’s shies
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​great point
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Greg have you read E Michael Jones? that’s directly out of his book​mambo number five
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I hate that song LOL​hispanics are awful at making music​at least blacks can sing​it’s not “cool”
James Edward​That is true (will live​the music that’s in apple commercials is the music the establishment pushes that no one listens to​people want to listen to taylor swift
Paddy Mcgill​America is a Celtic/Germanic Catholic nation. WASPS were very influential in New England in the 1700’s and their government traditions are with us today
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​everything is manufactured, just like the interracial couples on tv
James Edward​Pepe is right
James Edward​The truth will live. Are you white?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Paddy no, dude, Catholicism in America is all but dead. We have become protestantized by the WASP/Jew alliance.
Paddy Mcgill​You are not really addressing what I said but no Catholicism can only be destroyed by God . Catholicism built western civilization, Europe and America
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​There is no American nation, it’s a patchwork of pioneer WASPs and later immigrants. It’s all regional. And while the RCC as an institution exists, actual belief is on a respirator.
Josephine Booth Coffin​What’s with some Whites wanting to emulate Blacks? The Wiggar?
Casey R. Pratt​fellows
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Casey has graced us with his chat presence. Hail!
Ruth Преображенский​they’re essentially white dhimmis
mummylambs​black’s have the monopoly on cool thanks to corporate media/entertainment
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​привет
James Edward​Luke Sargon had a list of 10 questions for the Alt-Right. The first question is are Jews oppressing white people? How would you respond to this question?
Josephine Booth Coffin​I was just thinking this morning about a White friend who got robbed by a Black at a bus station trying to be all cool and down with him.
Rafael​I can’t stand Sargon “I’m scared of losing my audience to the Alt-Right” of Akkad anymore.
Rafael​>relaxing around blacks
James Edward​Rafael I agree
Casey R. Pratt​yeah but then why aren’t whites less empathic than Jews, and perceived by Jews as being “rude?”
mummylambs​putting yourself in someone elses shoes is abstract thinking
Rafael​@James Edward He knows about the JQ but would rather keep his patreon shekels
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Josephine part of the problem is that gangsta rap provides a masculine outlet albeit degenerate, so whites try to emulate, especially lower-class whites
James Edward​Rafael. I hope one day he get exposed for the shekels whore he is.​i think the red pill would be advantageous to them
Casey R. Pratt​my youngest wanted “a brown skin mermaid barbie” for christmas so we got her one haha
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@James Edward Casey is a based WASP, don’t really get your question…
James Edward​Casey how dare you. Hahah
James Edward​Pepe is Casey Alt-Right?
Casey R. Pratt​we make the brown skin mermaid barbie sleep outside
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​ask him, dude, I assume yeah
James Edward​Casey hahah. Now I like you. Hahah
James Edward​I feel like Casey is becoming more Alt-Right my the week.
Josephine Booth Coffin​I helped found a local atheist meetup with these people. They thought they were skeptics.
Casey R. Pratt​I’m using my real name and face, so… i disavow!
James Edward​Hahah
Grunteater​hey Luke, its Justin. Sieg Heil
James Edward​She is a cute Jew. I will give her that.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​listen up, people. This is how you lose dead weight but gain real friends
Grunteater​Far der Yiddeshe Liebenkampf
mummylambs​where do all these massive faggots come from?
mummylambs​I’ve yet to encounter anyone like this in real life
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Minny is a strange place hehe
James Edward​Got to go. Thank for the stream Luke. Hail Our People. Hail Victory!
James Edward​1488
Rafael​I saw that
Josephine Booth Coffin​My friends were nice but stupid.
Grunteater​Thank you Rabbi Weinberg
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Jo I can’t deal with normies anymore, so I keep contact to a minimum. Would rather be on this chat than having coffee with these idiots
mummylambs​I think it’s important to keep ties with normies. I consider to be grounding. Most of what we experience is only happening on the internet
Greg Girardin​Full on Bugmen.
Casey R. Pratt​people without children shouldn’t be allowed to vote
eladsinned​Bugmen abound
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@mummylambs good point, don’t have to cut ties but I seriously limit my exposure. I’m just bored tbh
mummylambs​I get that. Anytime they venture into political thought they get BTFO
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​once you start reading Jacques Ellul you can’t go back 😉
Ignacy Dobrzyński​creepy
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Luke Ford MIND BLOWN
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Rafael how did you get red pilled on the JQ in Germany?
mummylambs​@Luke I heard Dennis Prager mention that during every Christmas his family listens to/watches the Christmas mass. Do a lot of Jews do this?
Casey R. Pratt​the amazing thing is how shitlibs don’t pay any cost for expressing their ideas and beliefs… isn’t that obvious evidence that they don’t have the truth? I mean, the truth always offends.
Casey R. Pratt​they don’t listen to bob marley i guess: “The truth is an offense… but not a sin.”
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​ya mon
Casey R. Pratt​REQUEST: can you people talk about fasting in Judaism & Torah?
Luke Ford​ok
Luke Ford​Mummy, maybe 5%
Rafael​@Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? The migrant crisis red pilled me on immigration. I saw >80% men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sub-Sah. Africa etc. streaming into Germany
mummylambs​Fasting has become extremely popular recently
Casey R. Pratt​I’m trying a three day water fast starting Jan 2
mummylambs​@Luke gotcha
Grunteater​Hey Luke, I heard in shul once that Rav Yaakov Emden writes that the German people are genetic Amalekites. That means Dennis is an Amalekite.
Rafael​@Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? Completely opposite of what German news was selling
Luke Ford​Good to you see you, Justin
mummylambs​@Casey for spiritual reasons? Or fat reasons?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Luegenpresse, klar
Grunteater​Likewise, love your shows, absolutley brilliant and unique
mummylambs​Black Wall Street!
Casey R. Pratt​i’m not fat at all — but for health reasons, sort of. i’ve heard it can kick your stem cells into gear
Casey R. Pratt​i eat paleo exclusively & it’d be hard to get fat on that diet
mummylambs​I’ve heard the same. I think it should become something we do on a regular basis
Casey R. Pratt​but also: the social cost of knowing about the JQ is extreme
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​you gotta keep JQ reality within your inner circle only
mummylambs​He was also on the James Allsup show
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Spencer should stick to building communities instead of supporting whomever in politics
Grunteater​Heheh Pharaoe is code for Hitler, spot on Luk hahaha
Rafael​Paul Nehlan will be on Allsup & Fuentes’ Nationalist Review next week, I think
Casey R. Pratt​Pharoah is also code for “respectable nationalist Egypt-first leader.”
Rafael​The Alt-Right just beat Skeptics on the race question on youtube
Rafael​The Alt-Hype and Jean-Francois Gariepy are unstoppable
Casey R. Pratt​yeah: “alt-right is the real skeptic community” should be a meme
Josephine Booth Coffin​perfect @Casey R. Pratt
mummylambs​Destiny is the only thing standing in our way
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Vivian’s son will provide a two-state solution LOL
Casey R. Pratt​Sam Harris has *the most pathological* hatred of Trump of anyone on the internet
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Casey who tf is Sam Harris?
eladsinned​Sam Harris is a sort of professional atheist
Casey R. Pratt​He was one of those “New Atheists” — a Jew atheist who recently did interview Charles Murray… but right, it doesn’t make sense. It’s the Jew in Harris.
mummylambs​Stefan also had Jason Richwine
Casey R. Pratt​Sam Harris can’t see past his own (((nose)))
Josephine Booth Coffin​Harris’s mohel snipped more than his foreskin.
Casey R. Pratt​He takes his own class status too seriously to see the value in what Trump is doing.
mummylambs​He’s a big time individualist, and doesn’t like any for of collectivism (nationalism). Same problem with Jordan Peterson
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Western man is so obtuse and unable to understand The Other, this is what’s killing us​He has a strong belief in The Noble Savage​I actually had a course in college that explored these concepts. Best class I ever took.​I don’t think the professor was a liberal.
Greg Girardin​Sam Harris is brilliant but he’s a generic shitlib on a lot of issues.
Casey R. Pratt​i love Harris’s podcast… but he just hates Trump
Casey R. Pratt​–and it doesn’t really make sense​The problem is they believe in Racism with a capital R.​That it’s the eighth deadly sin.
Josephine Booth Coffin​His interview with David Benatar was pretty good.​is that the antinatalist guy?
Casey R. Pratt​i was afraid to listen to that one! — Benatar & those true nihilists make me despair… yeah
Josephine Booth Coffin​yes
Rafael​Is it possible that Jews are just genetically predisposed to fear white hegemony due to thousands of years of expulsion?
Luke Ford​yes
Greg Girardin​Yup. That really summarizes the JQ.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​blacks, Asians and Latinos don’t give a shit about the Holocaust and can’t be guilted like Euros
Casey R. Pratt​Is it possible that whites will eventually work their way up to voting as a block like blacks do? Seems like that’s starting to happen… can we get 90%?​i don’t think so​at least not for a long tim
Casey R. Pratt​too much portland
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey R. Pratt yup, it’s inevitable, I’ve even heard comments from normies about white guilt, etc
mummylambs​generation Z is our only hope
Grunteater​Ashkenazi Jewswere tasught growing up that white people are the devil for thousands of years
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​but it might not happen until we become a minority, that’s the sad part​people i know are so batshit liberal​and look at whites in south africa
Casey R. Pratt​i do think most whites now (60%?) are pretty much unmoved by “white guilt” or whining about white privilege​they still don’t vote as a block and they’re a tiny minority
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​half of white women voted for Trump, there is plenty of hope
Casey R. Pratt​i can’t believe those South African whites aren’t voting as a block. Geez. I think based whites should start making good arguments against democracy.
Rafael​Did anyone see Mike Isaacson, the long-necked Antifa professor on Millenyule? Woes pointed out how he was the stereotype of a diaspora Ashkenazi jew who works against the interest of whites.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​democracy is already dead, they just haven’t announced it on CNN yet ha
Casey R. Pratt​I’ll watch that one, Raf
Grunteater​The Midrash even says outright that Esau (the white man) is Satan incarnate (See end of Devarim Rabbah) The Torah is peppered with anti-white ideology and it must be brought to light
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Rafael I saw that guy on Tucker once
mummylambs​The Holocaust will be just another story in our history books for generation Z. They will have no real life connection to it. Once the Phantom of the Holocaust is destroyed –
mummylambs​-we can advocate for ourselves
Casey R. Pratt​What if the *truly* woke position is not nationalism, but a globalist universalism that only needs to assimilate Jews so that we can all be one big happy nation
Rafael​@Casey R. Pratt He puts on some eye liner and paints his nails pink during the interview to try and trigger Woes, but he didn’t take the bait
Casey R. Pratt​🙄
Casey R. Pratt​The loss within Christianity of an implicit “Christian supremacist” view — where Jews are understood to be hell-bound and unredeemed — is to blame for much of what’s happening. Vatican 2, etc.
Casey R. Pratt​Christians should start urgently evangelizing Jews.
Western Man​Hitler opposed Jews more on the basis of their nefarious cultural and economic influence that is an inevitable consequence of their parasitic role in European societies
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey R. Pratt Fr. Feeney was converting Jews and Harvard back in the day and they told him to stop. You are right.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​*at Harvard
mummylambs​Jews for Jesus
Casey R. Pratt​it’s important not so much to gain converts as to establish in Christians’ own minds that they are in the right.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​great point, we are unsure of ourselves
Casey R. Pratt​but academia has almost succeeded in convincing us that any missionary work or evangelizing is “imperialism”
Western Man​It wasn’t so much that they were seen fore mostly as a formidable blood orientated competitor, though they were clearly this too
Casey R. Pratt​The Modern Mind?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Casey R. Pratt even the Pope is saying this, that’s the problem. The institutions have abandoned us.
Casey R. Pratt​nvmnd that’s peter watson
eladsinned​Modern Times
Casey R. Pratt​could jews do that in India or China where they don’t blend in?
Grunteater​Alt Right Torah should be on DVD
Casey R. Pratt​here here
Grunteater​how mant would you buy alt right torah on dvd
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​for sure
Grunteater​there is no other show like this, Luke is way past neato cause hes a convert to Judaism
Grunteater​So he knows what artscroll is
mummylambs​this show has replaced the McLaughlin group for me.
Luke Ford​sweet
Maximilian​Isn’t Intermarriage the greatest sin in Judaism.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Wrong! Eleanor Clift…
Casey R. Pratt​Dennis is Catholic!?
eladsinned​yes, lapsed
mummylambs​susan ferrechio’s legs
Casey R. Pratt​McLaughlin group is exactly the aesthetic Torah Talks seeks!
Casey R. Pratt​is Judaism eugenics?
Grunteater​Dennnis is an ethnic Edomite ofwith some Amalekite (German) lineage
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​but we need a token black guy like Clarence
Casey R. Pratt​hah
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​*Clarence Page
mummylambs​I preferred Mort
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Mort was such a Jew ha
Rafael​@Casey R. Pratt Yes. Kevin MacDonald has a lecture on YT on group evolutionary strategy. He talks about Jews and how the Torah has verses encouraging people to marry wealthy people
mummylambs​Yes he is
Rafael​Their high IQ is probably mostly due to marrying into the upper echelons of white society
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Dennis invade the world, invite the world is the plan
Casey R. Pratt​that does make some sense — the sephardim not so impressive
Rafael​@Casey R. Pratt I don’t think the Sephardim intermarried as much with the Spaniards as they did with northern Europeans
mummylambs​Gilad Atzmon also has a lot of good videos breaking that down. You can find similar strategies in the Muslim world
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​1 drop rule
Daniel Sturridge​I know Luke converted to Talmudic Judaism, but is Ruth Jewish too?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^yes
Casey R. Pratt​yeah a real one
Daniel Sturridge​I don’t understand. do they consider themselves Alt-Right? LOL
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​yes
Casey R. Pratt​keep listening, Daniel.
Josephine Booth Coffin​All my liberal hypocrite relatives sent their kids to Quaker schools. No blacks but all the PC.
Casey R. Pratt​The idea is that the Torah teaches a tribal/nationalist perspective. Whites could learn.
mummylambs​Charles Murray’s wife recently converted to Quaker
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Jo Do as I say, not as I do. Classic
Grunteater​I love Luke’s stories
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​so many great anecdotes
Daniel Sturridge​Well, I don’t think Jews can teach from the Torah. If they believed in Moses, they would believe in Jesus. They ultimately hold the Talmud higher than the Torah
Grunteater​Luke speaks on multiple layers, in case you haven’t picked up on it for some strange reason
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^good point, he said this at the beginning of this stream
4trahasis​Jewish baby disagrees
Casey R. Pratt​You mean the law-of-Moses-observing Jesus, Daniel?
Daniel Sturridge​John 5:46.
Daniel Sturridge​Exactly. Most Jews don’t believe in the Old Testament at all.
Casey R. Pratt​Yeah. But Luke’s orthodox & observant… sabbath observing, etc.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​This right here is the crux of Judaism and the difference between it and Christianity. Great point, Luke.
4trahasis​deed > belief. faith without deed is dead.
Grunteater​I wasnt here at the beginning
4trahasis​Shadilay all. 3rd shift then sleep has me in here late.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^no problem brah
4trahasis​viel danke
Daniel Sturridge​Casey, wow! So luke claims to follow the mosaic law, but doesn’t ultimately put his faith in to the most high. Judaism-101
Casey R. Pratt​Jews actually don’t seem as advanced as the Greeks were in metaphysical speculation.
Grunteater​G-d is the conceptual model of the ideal person
4trahasis​you conflate, Daniel, the Most High with Jesus
Grunteater​Whenever I hear G-d, I assume the person is talking about themselves
Casey R. Pratt​Daniel I don’t know why you can’t imagine a Jew simply reaching the conclusion that Jesus was not YHWH. Lots of Jews reached that conclusion.
Grunteater​I know so many people in the frum community who dont know this
4trahasis​lots of non-Jews reaching that conclusion too, Casey
Grunteater​and they tend to be iranian, though Ive foun exceptions
Daniel Sturridge​4trahasis you’re right. I am
Casey R. Pratt​but it’s a weird demand, “you’re not really jewish if you don’t follow jesus.”
4trahasis​not a “fulfilled Jew” as some ‘messianics’ call it
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​This is why the RCC considers itself the New Israel
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​the current state of Israel is a purely secular creation and has no support from God, theologically speaking
Casey R. Pratt​^agree pepe
4trahasis​~1300 BCE: “You are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born.” 2017: “import foreign nationals, multiculturalism and multi-legalism is good for you, goy.”
Casey R. Pratt​i think judaism is bullshit, metaphysically. Moses may have been a “true prophet,” but the way his law & the tribe all came into practice is totally insane… “we are god’s children” = supremacy!
Daniel Sturridge​Jews and The West should unite? Wrong. Jews will be worshipping the beast as the saviour when he returns with the their Muslim cousins, who call him the Mahdi.
Casey R. Pratt​Judaism’s claim that the one true god is specifically “their god,” their tribe’s god, is insane. Judaism didn’t arrive at any conclusions, metaphysically, that would’ve surprised Hinduism.
4trahasis​I’m not sure, Casey, that all Judaism considers only Jews as “God’s children.”
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​IMHO either Jesus is God or isn’t. And if he isn’t, nothing really matters.
Casey R. Pratt​–but when they said “that one true god is our,” that became an insane and false claim. There is one true god, and it’s accessible to all tribes (i think)
4trahasis​Elijah Benamozegh, in ‘Israel and Humanity,’ breaks down the Universalist element in Torah.
4trahasis​I agree with the accessibility to all
Casey R. Pratt​i’ll check it out — but i suspect that the specific 613 mitzvah will be defended in that book, and that seems so prideful to me… those were moses’s attempt to transcribe god’s (real, true) law–
Daniel Sturridge​”lots of positive statements about non-Jews.” LOL
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Judaism doesn’t want others to be saved. It is covetous
Casey R. Pratt​but it’s not “true.” Any more true than Hinduism’s teachings.
Rafael​@Casey R. Pratt What’s the purpose of the goyim in the Torah?
Daniel Sturridge​Casey are you saying you believe in relative truth or something?
Casey R. Pratt​Raf i don’t know, but i don’t accept the Torah as an authority on god/truth
Casey R. Pratt​no, i believe in objective truth. i just don’t think the jews (or christians) have a monopoly on it.
4trahasis​Good point Dennis
Casey R. Pratt​I think Parmenides knew as much about the One True God as anybody who ever lived, for instance.
Casey R. Pratt​muh funding
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@Vivian This x infinity. All my lib friends think these Muslims just need a job and everything will be fine.
4trahasis​Casey, Rabbi Benamozegh states that Jesus and Paul essentially took Torah, and brought it to the nations. Not them exclusively. The 613 and the 7.
4trahasis​Torah does not say to make all nations Jews, but to be a “Kingdom of Priests” (which presumes both multiple kingdoms, and also, priestly service to non-priests).
4trahasis​(sorry, only brought the 7, but kept the essence)
Casey R. Pratt​–but i guess i’m doubting that the 613 mitzvah & the 7 of Noah are “true.” I think they might be true only in the way the American Constitution is. Like, an approximation.
Josephine Booth Coffin​That’s gonna work. lol
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​The Constitution did nothing wrong
Grunteater​being around low IQ people caused me to have autism
4trahasis​what of the NT then, and Jesus? didn’t Jesus speak of Torah being true, and to follow it? how do you mix your Christianity, with this “approximation” of truth, rather than pure revelation?
Grunteater​after listening to people like Luke, I figured out how normies interact
Casey R. Pratt​I’m more Gnostic than Christian, probably. Trying to be a Christ, rather than a Christian
Casey R. Pratt​i do think jesus understood that all world religions are attempts to express the inexpressible… which is why he refused to write down a bunch of edicts. you can’t codify g-d
Daniel Sturridge​i can relate to that I’m in highschool and everybody is dumb af. Sometimes when I’m out with friends they think I’m the weirdest if I talk too much.
Casey R. Pratt​been there, daniel
4trahasis​Respect. My only issue with gnosticism – not necessarily yours – is taking the standard Christian elevation of faith over everything, and replacing that with gnosis (say rather than service).
Daniel Sturridge​lol and I’m the type to go on rants and argue with my social and English teachers
Casey R. Pratt​in my view, ethics (service, charity) follows logically from true metaphysical understanding (all is one–i literally *am* my neighbor)… but whoa this is deeply speculative stuff, probably wrong.
Josephine Booth Coffin​@casey Who was the ancient theologian who wanted to exclude the Old Testament?
eladsinned​iq is self awareness
Casey R. Pratt​the Arian heresy maybe? — athanasius or something? I can’t remember
Josephine Booth Coffin​Yeah, that may have been it.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Jessica Alba is ashamed of her Spanish heritage. It boggles the mind
Casey R. Pratt​yeah trinitarianism bothers me
Casey R. Pratt​there was also Melchizedek, mentioned in the Old Testament & again in Book of Hebrews… seemed to preach monotheism, but not tribal or Mosaic.
Daniel Sturridge​Do you think that we are being ruled over by Judges right now?
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​The openly anti-white hatred is bringing people to our side.
Casey R. Pratt​idk
4trahasis​Jared Taylor is right. We are not there – not by any means – but the increasing awakening and momentum. I mean, on November 7th 2016, I was pretty much an Antifa lover. A year later, almost full 1488.
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​@4 really? That’s a yuuuge conversion.
Casey R. Pratt​Bernie should’ve been anti-immigration.
Daniel Sturridge​Trump can’t do what he wants. We aren’t led by elected officials but by Judges, just like ancient Israel.
mummylambs​Bernie supposedly was anti-immigration all the way up until he ran
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Bernie in 2020 – It’s time for a Jew
Daniel Sturridge​He’s increased white conciousness greatly
4trahasis​yes Pepe, really. I lived above you in Madison last year. Very liberal. Mostly loved it. Many anarchist friends. Borderline SJW’s. Trump’s election lead to mass leftist insanity lead to my awakening.
Casey R. Pratt​”Is America ready for its first Hebrew President?”
mummylambs​>implying Trump isn’t
4trahasis​I don’t know how many lefties I’ve seen that leftist insanity (anti-white hatred, and otherwise) has pushed them further center, or further right. It’s a step, and often not an end point.
Casey R. Pratt​ouch
Daniel Sturridge​I wonder what the Dems are gonna do in 2020. Blacks won’t vote for a Hispanic, Hispanics won’t vote for a black, and neither will vote for a white guy
Casey R. Pratt​Is Trump America’s first Jewish President?​I lived in Madison too
Daniel Sturridge​Steven Miller was friends with Richard Spencer at Duke 😂😂
Daniel Sturridge​Seriously
Grunteater​thanks Luke, love your show, I watch from start to finish
mummylambs​some say it is true
Casey R. Pratt​Good show, fellow-whites
Grunteater​Look forward to watching the replay
Josephine Booth Coffin​Your interview with Johnson was great.
Daniel Sturridge​I can’t believe the left haven’t been alerted to the fact that Steven Miller was friends with Dickie Spence.
mummylambs​Thank you Luke McLaughlin!
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​I also love Paul Kersey
Daniel Sturridge​You guys aren’t fans of Mike Enoch? 😂
Daniel Sturridge​Where can I find Paul KerseyM
Casey R. Pratt​huwhite
Daniel Sturridge​?
mummylambs​I enjoy Mike’s content
Rafael​TRS all the way
mummylambs​Paul Kersey does a podcast with Jared Taylor​yeah kersey rules
Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​Does anyone else listen to Mysterium Fasces?

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