Catholicism is Gay

Was the abomination that has become of the Catholic Church inevitable due to its celibate order?

Was the abomination that has become of Christianity generally also inevitable due to the preponderance of gay ministers?

My impression is the priesthood and the secular ministry alike attract gay men. Ritual and aesthetic devotion appeal to the same sensibility that produces the gay aesthete. The rites appeal to gay male congregants as well for the same reason. The repressed gay Catholic can sublimate his homosexual desire in a ritual order that has meaning and beauty.

It was inevitable that gay men would come to preponderate (I suspect dominate) not only in the priesthood but in its upper reaches. Behind the scenes there’s probably a struggle between a gay and a genuine celibate faction, between competing gay cliques.

But what it can’t have is a family faction, of men with children who have the same concerns as their parishioners. The Church has no skin in the game.

4 thoughts on “Catholicism is Gay

  1. It's also due to the church and therefore churchmen losing power and status. Entering the priesthood used to be a solid career for an intelligent straight man more interested in power than sex. Now it's pointless, so only fags join.


  2. The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity. Leon J. Podles. Available for free at: few excerpts from Chapter 1:Despite the constant complaints of feminists about the patriarchal tendencies of Christianity, men are largely absent from the Christian churches of the modern Western world. Women go to church; men go to football games….For example, in 1896 in a small city in Spain, Belmonte de los Caballeros, the parish records show that 443 Catholics had made their Easter duty, and 232 had failed to do so (151 men and 81 women did not fulfill this elementary obligation)….In 1842 the Trappist (and doctor) Debryne argued against a rigorist position on the use of contraception: \”One should give serious attention to this; that one should not alienate women through an imprudent rigor; the matter is one of immense importance. The coming generation is in the hands of women, the future belongs to her…. If the woman gets away from us [the us seems to be his priest-readers] with her everything will disappear and vanish into the abyss of atheism — faith, morality, and our whole civilization.\”


  3. In bad times, it is true that the Catholic priesthood becomes corrupted via homosexuals; that has a long and sordid history. But that's not actually unique to Catholicism; even religions that allowed their priests/ministers to marry have had bad times when homosexuals dominated the pulpit and the ecclesiastical positions.For example, if you read the Old Testament, which chronicles Jewish religious history pre-Christ, there are times when the prophets complain about literal male prostitutes working out of the temple and hanging around there—a nod to the fact that the priests/scribes/rabbis were partaking in them (99% of male prostitutes service men, not women; the gigolo fantasy is a Hollywood invention).The reason why the current bad time has evolved is Vatican II (of the 1960s), a massive church reform where left-wing theologians, including literal Communist infiltrators (the KGB was determined to undermine the Church, which it saw as opposing communism), as well as sympathetic leftists, homosexuals, and some Jewish converts (motivated by the then-prevailing distinction enforced by the Church of Catholics from Jews) changed Church theology and mission to being very \”Buddy Christ\” and open and \”tolerant\” and very 1960s-hippie.The Vatican II folks then took over the seminaries and allowed/encouraged closeted gays to run wild without censure, causing straight men to either abandon their goals of priesthood or to be relegated to distant backwaters and no chance of advancement as gays advanced other gays to allow them all to get a hold of the wealth of the Church and abuse it. Many priests left in the 1970s as gays ruined it. The recent pedophile wasn't actually pedophiles, but gays preying on young, lonely teenage boys and other gays in the Church protecting them. I'd suggest you check out Michael Voris over at Church, who runs a very traditionalist Catholic organization. Voris admits that he was an open homosexual for years before rediscovering his faith. He now details and crusades against what he calls the \”homo-mafia\” in the Church, and calls for a purging. Voris refuses to join the clergy (but has taken a vow of celibacy) because he respects the Church law that gays are not supposed to be in the Church hierarchy.


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