First they came for the leering studio heads and I did not speak out…

Google’s Eric Schmidt is the latest to fall to the sexual inquisition. It isn’t who they’re going after now, but what. Guys with anything to be pilfered away by the current frenzy had better not even think about cheating. Sort of takes all the point out of success:

Schmidt is a known womanizer despite being married for 37 years to Wendy Schmidt, who said in 2012 they started living separate lives because she felt like “a piece of luggage” following him around the world. 

News outlets have been sniffing around Schmidt’s former flames looking for a Harvey Weinstein-like bombshell, a source close to Schmidt told The Post. But sources say there’s nothing there. 

“They haven’t found s–t. Because there is no sexual harassment. There has never been any issue. They have had nothing. People have looked into it and people have not found anything,” the source said. 

The source added that if something foul was afoot, Google would have canned Schmidt completely. 

“Why would they keep him on the board, then have to do this all over again?” the source asked. 

Another source close to Schmidt said that any rumors of sexual harassment were “totally not true.” 

But the insider could not deny Schmidt’s well-documented romantic past and said the techie’s entanglements were “consensual” and that there are “no complaints” against the exec or “settlements” from the company.

This seems a notable escalation. At this rate I predict someone will go down early in the new year for refusing to give oral sex.

Ironic that it’s as if feminism, despite itself, was ultimately all about this: getting that cheating bastard. Feminism is women trying to do what they’ve always done, regulate sexuality, against the current of the same sexual revolution that spawned it. The sexual revolution is untenable, but no one wants to admit it.

Doubly ironic is the purge’s origins, in my opinion at least, in the “pussy hat” movement protesting President Trump as a sexual abuser. I believe it to be a necessary, if not the ultimate, cause of the current hysteria.

 Once Harvey Weinstein’s brother or other rival leaked the story of his behavior to the media a fire was lit. The pussy hat movement had swept through the culture like Santa Ana winds, turning the landscape to tinder. Weinstein’s behavior had long been no secret, after all. There’s a reason it took off now, and that reason is Donald Trump. Ashley Judd’s just-short of unhinged performance at an anti-Trump rally makes sense now, knowing she was one of Harvey’s objects of desire. The actress was channeling big time.

Sadly, men as a group will forever be atoning for men as individuals.

Another thing to remember is the non-hysterical part of the hysteria: for every one of these fellows knocked off his perch there’s someone looking to take his place, usually orchestrating it.

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