Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Gender Studies Have Got to Go


[Camille] Paglia argued that active programs in the [women’s studies] field were thrown together out of the urgency to highlight women’s issues in the curriculum of the American academy. “The administrators wanted to solve a public relations problem. They had a situation with very few women faculty nationwide, at the time when the women’s movement had just started up. The spotlight of tension was on them. They needed women faculty fast. They needed the women’s subject on the agenda fast. So they just like, poof! ‘Let there be Women’s Studies.’” 

“Now we will just hire some women, usually from English departments, and we’ll just throw them together,” she continued. “‘You invent it, you say what it is.’ That is why women’s studies got frozen at a certain point of ideology of the early 1970s.”

Bowing to students and 1960s Current Year hysteria, American universities quickly ramped up women’s and ethnic studies departments that were sort of inorganic–there was no genuine scholarly impulse behind them.
 Perhaps some thought these programs would find their way to scientific merit. Like cargo cultists any true believers left wait still for science to arrive, surrounded by the still-proliferating mock-ups of scholarship that are the various theories of race and “gender”.

But science or study was never really the point of course. These were political creations of political necessity. The browning and feminizing of the university is a problem for scholarship and an opportunity for the Left. The tragedy is there are only so many resources. Equality is displacing scholarship.

This is just one field in the Scramble for America, the pilfering of US wealth by various factions through Social Justice, with the encouragement of our gormless elite as they burn through the vast ruin remaining in the nation.

Donald Trump should pick a fight with the academic left when he gets a moment.

2 thoughts on “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Gender Studies Have Got to Go

  1. That's Steve Sailer. He linked to something here and came up with that. It's an underappreciated fact, that a lot of Theory is just rationalization for the pilferage. They are burning through the ruin of the nation.


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