Torah Today: Sexual Utopia in Power

8:30 Jewish stories from Luke

11:50 Casey: What is the nature of religious authority?

13:40 Where have the miracles gone?
Here Casey has come upon a problem outlined in Dostoyevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor (an anti-Pope short story within The Brothers Karamazov; I parodied it here). A powerful Bishop rejects a returned Christ, because He’s been silent too long.

 “There are three Powers, three unique Forces upon earth, capable of conquering for ever by charming the conscience of these weak rebels—men—for their own good; and these Forces are: Miracle, Mystery and Authority” the Bishop says. In His long absence Christ has abdicated His authority to the Church. He can’t just come back now and wreck the program! The Bishop dares condemn Him for withholding miracles and demanding man come to Him of free will in His absence:

“Thy refusal to come down from the cross when people, mocking and wagging their heads were saying to Thee—’Save Thyself if Thou be the son of God, and we will believe in Thee,’ was due to the same determination—not to enslave man through miracle, but to obtain faith in Thee freely and apart from any miraculous influence.”

15:30 Dumb movies. Casey mentions a Dumb Comedy out there, written by Jews. How is it intelligent people make such dumb crap? Luke, ever the cruel Jew, points out the dumb stuff is for the goyim. Jews don’t partake. Furthermore, I would add (and rue), it’s the dumber Jews making dumb culture perverting our dumber goys, while the smart Jews get to keep their hands clean. The Jews are siccing their dummies on us. Witness Seth Rogan, a sort of Jewish  on Twitter:

The NFL isn’t the only institution that’s become a malicious force. Take a knee, Hollywood.

18:30 We are all Masters of our Domain here.

19:00 Luke marvels that the goyim aren’t actively masturbating and doing drugs as he speaks to us.

21:10 Thank God we’re off the subject and talking about Roger Devlin’s remarkable essay, Sexual Utopia in Power

Luke quotes from it:

A man’s sexual utopia is, accordingly, a world in which no such limit to female demand for him exists. It is not necessary to resort to pornography for examples. Consider only popular movies aimed at a male audience, such as the James Bond series. Women simply cannot resist James Bond. He does not have to propose marriage, or even request dates. He simply walks into the room and they swoon.

The entertainment industry turns out endless unrealistic images such as this. Why, the male viewer eventually may ask, cannot life actually be so? To some, it is tempting to put the blame on the institution of marriage. Marriage, after all, seems to restrict sex rather drastically. Certain men figure that if sex were permitted both inside and outside of marriage there would be twice as much of it as formerly. They imagined there existed a large, untapped reservoir of female desire hitherto repressed by monogamy. To release it, they sought, during the early postwar period, to replace the seventh commandment with an endorsement of all sexual activity between “consenting adults.” Every man could have a harem.

 Sexual behavior in general, and not merely family life, was henceforward to be regarded as a private matter. Traditionalists who disagreed were said to want to “put a policeman in every bedroom.” This was the age of the Kinsey Report and the first appearance of Playboy magazine. Idle male daydreams had become a social movement. This characteristically male sexual utopianism was a forerunner of the sexual revolution but not the revolution itself. Men are incapable of bringing about fundamental changes in heterosexual relations without the cooperation—the famed “consent”—of women. But the original male would-be revolutionaries did not understand the nature of the female sexuality.

We forgot about Hugh Hefner! He pioneered, represented and literally embodied the failed vision of sexual liberation–the masculine Nakba, We are all Hugh Hefner now, alas.

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