Science and Religion

It strikes me Western society in the post-Enlightenment was far less devout in enforcing the belief in
Christianity than it is now in enforcing the belief in racial and sexual equality.

But it’s really in the nature of our new quasi-religion. You didn’t have to accost your fellows at work, school, or on the street to demand their views. Your church may have compelled you, but your government and other institutions weren’t accosting you at various points to ask you the equivalent of “tell me why you’re passionate about social justice”. Our new order is closer to a pre-Enlightenment model, replacing the Church with the Narrative.

You were left alone for the most part by Christianity.

It’s in the nature of the new quasi-religion, in the fact that it isn’t a coherent faith but a jumble. One of my crackpot pet peeves is the difference between myth-based religious faith and the post-religious order that displaced it: believing such as the creation myth is far less onerous to liberty than believing such as racial and sexual equality, as there are daily, practical implications to believing the latter.

The creation myth imposed no impossible requirements on society; Equality does in every aspect.

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