Built like a brick temple

It’s taking them longer than planned to demolish the United Workmen Temple in downtown Portland, also known as the Tourney Building, built in 1895.

They had to bring in a bigger crane to take down the elevator shaft I believe. I think I saw it arrive this afternoon. They’ve been picking away at her innards in the meantime.

The building behind it is the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, 1992. I know nothing of architecture, but to me this suggests brutalist style tempered by the slightest postmodern whimsy:

I have no idea what the conning tower like thing is supposed to represent. It’s a little unsettling at this historical point that progressive Portland has a Stalin-esque courthouse.
The federal building is even less reassuring. It evokes secrecy and opacity, facing off against City Hall directly across from it, it’s literally shrouded from view by a confusing array of what look like wrought-iron shutters:

United Workmen Temple

A post shared by Dennis Dale (@eladsinned) on

A post shared by Dennis Dale (@eladsinned) on

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