Torah, Torah, Torah

Luke opens with a funny news item about a rabbi turned real estate hustler that is totally lost on my goyishe kopf.
At 4:20 I reveal my ethnicity to the Jew.
Luke sets himself up for a Holocaust joke at 4:40
Goy v goy at 5:50
At 9:20 I am propositioned by the Jew.
At 16:30 we talk about art.
At 21:50 I report on recent Orc sightings.
24:40: I tell a tale of a Lyft ride from hell and a social justice three-way that cannot be unheard.
At 28:05 Luke wonders if the coming Diversitopia will be Good for the Jews.
At 33:30 I congratulate a woman on her “beautiful white baby”.
44:00: “What kind of Becky are you?”
46:20: The Pet Rock of Social Justice and other great ideas.
1:05:05: Pretty girl blows me off.
1:24:15: The Torah is anti-Diversity

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