Anarchy in the PDX

 This is some footage I took from competing pro-Trump/anti-Trump demonstrations in Portland.
Note the amped-up kid at the beginning reassuring his friend, apparently, that he won’t go overboard because “my facemask is off.” Puh-leeeze. There’s an Alex Jones video of the event out there that features an Iranian immigrant, pro-Trump grandmother, and I’ll be damned if I don’t recognize his affected voice when a masked “anarchist” responds curtly to her gentle pat on the shoulder: “please don’t touch me.”

Sorry about the annoying black dude talking over my witty repartee with bystanders about that same kid’s hopeless run-on chants at the end there (later I suggested to him maybe a protest chant couldn’t pull off a subordinate clause, to no avail).

Better stuff to come as soon as I figure out how to work the Internet.

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