Notes on the Stumpening

America’s future announced its arrival yesterday, shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally. It was a heartwarmingly diverse group–Hispanics, Muslims prominent, shrill white college students, and blacks leading the way. Barack Obama’s vision, to which Paul Ryan would enthusiastically accede on economic principle, of who should wield political power and how.

Notably, among the ethnic alliance blacks have no particular offense to take with Trump; no “rapists and murderers” or Muslim entry ban controversy. That Trump must hate them because he’s leery of Muslims, or thinks Mexican rapists and murders cross the border illegally, is a given (ironically based on “racist” assumptions inherent in the racial hierarchy of grievance: if you dislike Mexicans, or immigrants, the liberal always assumes, you must hate blacks).

As the original (and most durable) cause blacks will always be there, ceremonial Capo of the Multicultural Mafia, to get their taste. And know, ye racist, it is earned: blacks are taking the lead and doing more than their share of the heavy intimidating in preventing white suburbanites from gathering unmolested.
More importantly, the black civil rights model is the original template for the host of identity movements, from feminism to, now, Muslims, whose relatively quick assimilation into the Coalition of the Fringes proves its utility.

Nothing, including the Vietnam War, energized the political movements of the sixties like black civil rights. And fittingly enough, here was Bill Ayers, kicking around in the ashes of Chicago last night, a proud old man fishing for recognition by praising the young revelers blithely ignorant of his presence, name, and considerable contribution to their present joy. It must be bittersweet.
Black rage is where it begins and, now, ends for him and a generation. It’s Trump’s apparent indifference to “racism”, really, that’s driving respectable white boomers mad.

 Nothing can replace the romance of black suffering in the collective consciousness of the Left. As one Weatherman said, “we all wanted to be Black Panthers.” Their children and grandchildren are still trying to be Panthers, and they call it progress, but it’s really the continuity they like–black people have always suffered gloriously and they always will. If nothing else makes sense, the justice of the black cause will, and it will always be there.

It doesn’t matter if there’s more welcome for non-whites in Trump’s campaign than there is for a white who won’t accept moral second-class status in a Democrat’s campaign. Talk to a young person opposed to Trump and more often than not they can’t really articulate why they oppose him. They’ll cite something he said, maybe get it right, but you get the impression for them, it is the done thing. It’s also of a certain delicacy; inquiring too much is bad form, and pointless.

Another way to look at Chicago and this new level of political intimidation the respectable are quick to approve: the Democrats are taking out their new diverse coalition on an eventful test-run. It’s a little wobbly, there are some concerns, but it’s a powerful beast that makes an impressive roar on the track. God help us.

One thought on “Notes on the Stumpening

  1. If Trump would react to what's happening and drop his standard speech, which at the moment is mostly about trade tariffs and waterboarding, and talk instead about law and order he could use the situation to his advantage.It's obvious to most people what's going on. Provocateurs cause violence and then the media blames the violence on the victims rather than the perpetrators.Trump should call out the media but also take a stand not just against political violence but also street violence and crime against ordinary people and violence against the police.He could beat the other Republican candidates if he pivots in this way.


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