Psychological projection doesn’t get its sociological due.
I take the liberty of applying “projection” to the broader tendency to project onto others our own motivations and desires that is a natural, unavoidable psychological adaptation to society, not the displacement of Freudian projection. We don’t know anyone as we know ourselves and, while vanity may skew our opinion in our favor–no one wants to see himself as too far from normal, particularly in questions of morality–we can’t help but take ourselves as our own best model of man. Any assessment of the actions of others always begins with, at the very least subconsciously, asking ourselves why would I do this? 

Projection works, to the extent its assumptions are accurate. Cultural and probably ethnic homogeneity matters. If I’m assuming you’re more or less motivated by the same things I am and to the same degree, the closer I am to being right the better for me. The value of projection diminishes in concentric circles outward: self, family, community, ethnicity… Diversity would figure to wreak havoc on and through projection.

In political discourse, meanwhile, we have to pretend that we’re all alike (yet somehow made vibrant through ethic diversity) and never motivated by any significant difference–polite opinion is the forcing of everyone to project onto non-whites the relatively enlightened, tolerant and altruistic worldview. There is no platitude more common and more false than the one about how we’re all the same, confirmed by President Obama’s newspeak assertion Paris terror attacks were an assault on “universal values”.

It helps one to be aware of projection, in himself and others, for not all projection is equal. The bias that comes of it, as opposed to the sort of “bias” we’re used to hearing about, is indifferent to self interest and can work against one’s own self or group interest. I believe it works against whites as a crucial component of the white elite’s bizarre embrace of anti-white rhetoric and action.  When two people or groups and project sometimes wildly divergent behavioral assumptions onto one another, the more trustworthy party is disadvantaged; vice becomes its own advantage and virtue a weakness.

I think this explains much of what we’re currently seeing in Europe.

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