Where’s Gratitude?

The Left denies the agency of “oppressed” groups, forever acted upon, never acting. This is necessary in direct correlation to the negative effects of a given group’s actions.

No one is seen as having less autonomy than black Americans, for instance, as a group or individually. It’s practically a source of pride for those who contribute to the Narrative. Blacks have dominated in this category about as long as they’ve dominated the NBA. But there’s a new kid in town, and his name’s Abdullah. Or Mohamad. And that really does cover about half of these assholes. These guys, with phones full of aggressive porn and beheading videos, are going to test the patience and faith of entire nations. But so far MSM narrative discipline holds here in America while leaning on open police censorship in Europe.

 Because of the Left’s success in obscuring the agency of black Americans, a model which they readily adopt to Muslims now, we’re all a little less equipped to understand not only what is happening, but the extent of things. Even the average conservative citizen who’s paying as much attention as he can doesn’t come to comprehend the degree of depravity and hostility with which he, as a natural born Westerner, is confronted in the form of Europe’s new Muslim rape gangs. If that citizen were to truly compare these men to the other men of the world, dispassionately, objectively, without bias, he would be struck by their moral inferiority. By the profound lack of gratitude displayed, a lack that can only mean one of two things: these are either the meanest or the dumbest people on earth. Mostly I think it demonstrates their contempt for us. But that too is lost, when you can’t even get past the “white guys are terrorists too” obfuscations or the “widows and orphans” bunting. God help us.

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