Trolling America

Call me a conspiracy-theorist, but if I wanted to provoke a 24-hour outrage like today’s #IStandwithAhmed global orgy of virtue-signalling I could do no better than this:

Ahmed’s clock 
Suitcase bomb
This has several elements of media manipulation. The innocent child, the “racist” authorities overreacting out of irrational “phobia” in, of all places, Texas (!), the immigrant angle, the police involvement. What you wouldn’t know if you were just following this thing on Twitter or blogs (as so many do) is that the kid wasn’t accused of carrying a bomb to school, but of playing a hoax, by carrying the understandably suspicious looking contraption above to school. Call me a jerk, but I want to know if this kid’s parents are involved with CAIR.
Update: I posted this before I saw this:

His father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, is a fascinating figure in his own right. He’s a Sudanese immigrant who has twice declared himself a presidential candidate in Sudan. When Florida pastor Terry Jones put the Quran on trial and later burned it in 2012, Mohamed was the Muslim holy book’s defense attorney…

Curiouser and curiouser. Or, rather, less and less curious.

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