The Shame of the Tame

I’ve been meaning to post here once per day at least, but with the time I had today I found myself meandering the web, posting to Twitter and other meaningless diversions with which I seem to be so smitten; so I’m getting cheesy and expanding on a comment I left at Sailer’s here. (The internal struggle against my inborn laziness–the Dale curse–is eternal. Oh what I could have done with my life if I was only more energetic, ambitious, intelligent, good-looking, brave, tough, strong, personable and a few other small things. This close, man!)

Anyway. Sailer:

What’s going on in Europe is a Flash Mob. In the Age of the Smartphone, a huge crowd can be assembled at much lower information transmission cost than just a decade ago. Chancellor Merkel assumed she could still break the EU rules to make a modest humanitarian gesture and get lots of thumbs up from the global media without setting off The Camp of Saints.
But that’s not how things work these days.
Here’s poor Ms. Merkel’s vision of a Flash Mob:

But here’s a different, more relevant kind of Flash Mob: 


I’ve seen this juxtaposing of white and black flash mobs on YouTube before. The “white v black flash mobs” video below I find downright heartbreaking: a remarkable and beautiful performance of the “Ode to Joy” played on the street in a Spanish city, following a montage of the usual black mayhem over a fitting hip hop track of a gangsta un-apologetically and savagely proclaiming himself a “nigger”, proud of the worst stereotypes that is said to entail. That decent blacks cannot, will not, at least any longer, denounce much less do anything about gangsta culture, I find almost as outrageous as the behavior itself. It’s as if it’s all they have, in the end, and they know it; it’s commodified in music and culture, and converted to power in politics through the demagogy of “white privilege”. Why would they, after all, want to go back to the Bad Old Days where black inferiority was assumed? Because of the bloodshed on the streets? Because of the degradation of their women, and ours? Because black dysfunction threatens to consume us? Because of the decadence infecting us all? Ha! Small price, apparently, to pay for the status quo they, and their white enablers, so jealously protect. Arguing for a white version of order and society is now a sucker’s game.

Black culture is winning, hands down. It’s only if and when the protective embrace of a still, somehow, functioning Western system finally gives way that the whole game is up. Witness the behavior of Europeans in the face of the “refugee crisis” to see that there is an assumption that it will never give way, no matter how much strain we put on it. They’re probably right: it isn’t that something has to give, necessarily; maybe it’s just degradation and adaptation until we no longer recognize what we had, and no one will miss it.

Honesty is not possible–no people will accept they’re “inferior”–so reconciliation is not possible. But then, “superior” and “inferior” are social constructs–if you don’t care for enlightenment, “progress”, Western notions of order. Indeed; the whole idea that blacks are shortchanged by living in the West is utterly dependent on discounting the value of these things. What we’re really experiencing is the competition between competing models of society, one black, one white.

I don’t expect people to hate blacks because of this behavior–myself I’ve gone beyond fear and loathing to a blank, dumbfounded state; it simply Does Not Compute–but why, how, can we still hate ourselves, after such knowledge? How is it so many whites can be exposed to this disparity yet still profess things to be their opposite? The only verdict I can arrive at is more shameful than the convention that says white racism holds back black achievement: we are a weak people, over-awed and surrendering to the superiority–yes, that word!–of a stronger, more vigorous folk. We only try to copy, or appease. But then I’m wrong; there are people that willingly accept their “inferiority”: white people. Individual whites demonstrate their personal moral superiority by proclaiming their group moral inferiority. Whites are the best of people; whites are the worst of people. Whites are a fucked up people.

Having seen this flash mob comparison (or a similar) video before I found myself fantasizing grimly about one of these white flash mobs getting crashed by one of the black versions. Say, one of these food-court choirs proceeding along and all of a sudden here comes stomping through the middle one of those gleefully violent wilding packs. A less gruesome Cleon Peterson work come to life. This came to mind when I saw a European crowd serenading a group of “refugees”, some of whom appeared dumbfounded (what must they think?). It makes you want to cry. Shame on us.

Here’s the video I mentioned above:

And Cleon Peterson’s grim satirical vision of “oppressed”,
Orc-like humanoids taking their revenge on decadent whites:

The Struggle

There is a War

Just let me die on the streets fighting this thing, whatever it is; let me reconcile and redeem this squandered life in an honorable death. Alas, even that much, too little, too late, I will not manage, I know. Cheerio!

2 thoughts on “The Shame of the Tame

  1. I don't know what Black culture was like in the 30s through early 60s, but in terms of the artifacts that have persisted since then- music and art and literature- it seems pretty impressive. Was it because black artists were reforming their culture to fit into a White framework, and that's what made it so good? I don't know. Was it the breakdown of order that the Great Society unleashed that also sapped the reserves from which Black talent drew? Maybe. Miles Davis's dad was a dentist, James Baldwin's dad was a minister. Was it lead, or decaying nutrition in the fast food era, or TV? Maybe, though it seems too easy to point the finger outward. I went to Varanasi a few years ago, the Hindu holy city. It was absurdly filthy, a running sore of a city where the naked kids running around chewing bhat also had running sores, where the cow shit covering all the streets flowed into a river filled with human shit and dead bodies. But probably it wasn't always that bad. I went from there to an old Raja's palace a few hours away, and it seemed pretty nice- you'd climb up the decaying ornate towers now full of bats, or look at the half-broken miniature paintings of Rama and Sita or whatever, and you could tell that things used to be pretty civilized, pretty nice. Things can change, things can get worse.


  2. Sailer was on to something here when he talked about James Brown being the first black artist to not care about what white people thought. All that great old R&B was still constricted by white norms and black aspirations to white norms. We've gone from that to black music limited to ghetto norms; now a black artist is punished for any hint of even reconciliation with white norms. And we have arrived at Nikki Minaj. Art isn't necessarily lessened by being limited by social mores, even conservative ones. It might be helped.Whatever the case, it's a shame. The only place where black contributed superior culture was in music. Now that music is degrading into Nikk Minaj and a thousand other petty mediocrities. And what drives this descent? I think it's the same resentment that drives racial politics; resentment of the reality that everywhere but music and sports \”black\” means inferior.


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