3 thoughts on “Diary: As a Christian

  1. Portland is full of great old churches in a variety of styles, but this one, some sort of Unitarian-esque non-religious house of worship, is in what would normally be a tiny retail space crammed in between a high-rise apartment building and a Starbucks.The actual Unitarian church downtown has a banner proclaiming \”Black Lives Matter\” hoisted alongside at the moment.The typography is something, isn't it? Reminds me of when I was in the IAM–a major labor union for aerospace workers–and these flyers would show up, distributed by some renegade union faction, usually attacking both the union leadership and company. For some reason they felt the need to highlight in bold sections of text–randomly. There was no rhyme or reason to what was highlighted, they just apparently thought people would lose interest unless the monotony of the text wasn't broken here and there. It was then I realized the fundamental problem with unions–they're led by the unsophisticated at best, morons at worst.


  2. A disproportionate number of UFO/conspiracy sites have gratuitously awful design. It's funny because it takes additional effort to make it bad. A lazy person would not make sign that bad, or take the time to change the colors on a web page to something absurd like a yellow font on a purple background.Guy Davenport wrote: \”Protagoras sold firewood. Democritus liked the way he bundled it for carrying and hired him to be his secretary. Mind is evident in the patterns it makes.\”


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