Not the New Plantation; The New Post-Soviet Oligarchy

Steve Sailer points out the hypocrisy of the NBA, a league that features an impressive, real-life  Russian oligarch as an owner, making such a show of revulsion regarding Donald Sterling’s tepid, private “racism”.

So when I see the sudden jockeying of members celebrity oligarchs to carve up the expected spoils, people who command billions and conference with presidents, I can’t help but think the future Clippers owner, whoever it is, is performing a role similar to those post-Soviet oligarchs; a sort of post-American oligarch, grabbing a bargain at the fire sale of an empire suddenly up for grabs because the rules changed overnight.

As for Sterling, who probably thought he’d safely bought into the post-American empire, even if he can legally hold on to his team he’s dead–no one will play for him.

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