Meanwhile in Soviet America

Chick-fil-A’s Vice President of public relations has died of a heart attack.
To be fair to the Soviets, despite looking I couldn’t find a comparable example from Stalin’s purges of someone succumbing to the strain of the show trial–a couple of poisonings maybe. It’s kind of scary to think the Gays are just getting started.

Judging from his photo and bio, the late Don Perry was a member of Atlanta’s mulatto elite, serving in a role typical for high-level executive diversity hires (but none so typical as the VP in charge of Diversity, of course–something will have to be done with that gauche cliche eventually).

Elsewhere: I think it was Steve Sailer who joked a more effective strategy for fixing black educational inadequacy would be to hit non-black students over the head with a ball-peen hammer. Go ahead, laugh it up. Like being careful what you wish for, in our time you should be careful what you joke about. Demanding racial equality in school discipline (and ignorance of the racial disparity in school misbehavior), the President’s Advisory Committee on the Pursuit of the Grail White House Initiative On Educational Excellence is that hammer!

One thought on “Meanwhile in Soviet America

  1. \”I think it was Steve Sailer who joked a more effective strategy for fixing black educational inadequacy would be to hit non-black students over the head with a ball-peen hammer\”In a sense this is the reactionary critique of democratic culture.What liberal or 'decadent', or perhaps democratic, culture is really about. It is about loosing certain nihilistic truths, or perhaps deeply biologically rooted urges, on our culture. Sometimes it seems as if our culture were governed by an intention to make society a more and more accurate mirror of these truths. A lot of thinkers have noticed a strange tendency among humans both to emphasize difference, but also to attempt to abolish it. Democratic government gives the weight of cultural authority to the latter tendency, though liberalism counterbalances the effect to some degree. Liberalism attempts to handle the somewhat disturbing aspects of hierarchy by isolating people so that distinction devolves into mere difference. This botched castration of distinction into difference is supposed to make the former safe for democratic culture. It doesn't really, and democratic culture 'senses' this and refuses to end its war against hierarchy. Its core weapon is destruction of standards. This makes it the case that there are a fewer and fewer shared values by which to judge achievement, and perhaps worse, that people never learn important skills which might allow them, against all odds,to gain distinction in a sea of difference. The cult of 'the common man', 'the worker', or the volk' or 'the street' sets in place a precedent for purposeful educational neglect.Make no mistake, things I love like rock music and abstract art are part of this tendency, but also things traditionalist conservatives love like 'nordic fest' and yoedeling. The only difference is the genetic diversity of the group. It's strange that group unity should be so important in all human culture given the evolutionary significance of difference.I suspect the task for the future should be apportioning just how much of our culture should be given to hierarchy, difference, and unity.


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