Sympathy for the Devil

So Mr. Santorum has invoked Satan. The pro-Romney Drudge Report is is assaulting this newly identified breach with standard all-cap hysterics and ominous cliff-hanger dramatics (“DEVELOPING…”). We’re all atingle. Send the children to their rooms. Related, Obama is going pre-emptively negative on Romney in Michigan (Santorum’s got to look like Christmas to the White House, and not because of the sweater-vests).

Apparently the only thing worse than questioning God’s guiding affection for America is asserting the Devil’s active malice for her. I don’t understand.
That’s American politics: it’s all God, God, God, and all very glib; and when it isn’t God, indeed, when it is specifically not God, it’s the giddy god of Progress. Never a word for the Devil–politics refuses to acknowledge its father.

But what is Santorum guilty of, besides a gauche display of literal faith? Certainly Satan makes a good metaphor for our collective failure of character; it can be argued that some mortal few of us are energetically “attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity, and sensuality”.

I think he’s only being polite, not calling out by name the progressive agenda for America, which he may want to make nice with later. The Devil makes them do it. Does the Devil walk the halls of the Pentagon too, Rick? Or is he unable to get past security? Do the walls within emit a heavenly glow and the faint hum of castrati? Who is this Devil of yours, and how is he contained?

I rise in defense of Old Scratch. And why not? The Devil needn’t lift a finger to enjoy our demise.

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