Ask not for whom the strife bodes…

The New York Times knows multiculturalism when it sees it (abroad):

Sectarian Strife in Diverse City Bodes Ill for All of Syria

With all these models of truly multicultural (as opposed to whatever is meant by the phrase here in the States) societies around us, you’d think our elite might question its policy of planned ethnic diversification. Because while ethnic cleansing has a long, bloody history, ethnic diversification has none at all. That is other than history’s many examples of imperial powers importing one population to displace another–we are the first to inflict this upon ourselves–which has always been just a means of ethnic cleansing. What part greed and what part stupidity propel our elite’s actions remains a mystery to me.

3 thoughts on “Ask not for whom the strife bodes…

  1. Of course \”we\” aren't inflicting this on \”ourselves\” at all, the rich are inflicting it upon us.Sure we all hope to get rich and reserve a part of our minds for trying to do so but until we get there we aint rich and oughtn't support those policies that aid them and hurt us. It's astonishing how obtuse Americans are on this matter.


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