Hate’s Not Here, Man

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Our Vigilant Elite: “Nothing to see here…”

From the AP:

WEST ALLIS, Wis.—West Allis police are releasing new details about some arrests on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, but say none of those incidents possessed elements that would prompt their prosecution as hate crimes.

WTMJ-AM reports ( http://bit.ly/roRWMr) the Police Department issued a statement Tuesday with new information about a handful of the more than two dozen arrests made last week.

Witnesses reported the opening night attacks seemed to be racially motivated with young African Americans beating up white fair goers, but police say as of now there isn’t enough evidence to support those claims.

Time for the Justice Department to bring its resources to bear?

And where are the intrepid reporters, holding local authorities to account, investigating the race-terror networks that organize the pogroms? Where are the features you might expect to see–telling the stories of the various decent folk descended upon by racist savagery?

Racism, violence, official deceit, heinous villains and sympathetic victims, scary visuals, all part of a nationwide, perhaps global,* trend; this should be where careers are made in journalism and federal law enforcement. Why the dereliction? Where is everybody?

It’s elitist vanity, rather than decency, that finds the story so repugnant. People are being proven disastrously wrong. Thus their confusion. It’s like the fog of war–not that we’re saying there’s a war or anything! It isn’t as if hate criminals declare their motives for all to hear. Like everyone walked around with cameras recording it all!

Evidence is tough. Reality is hard.

SPLC finds a thicket. “This is a very complicated case Maude, a lotta ins, lotta outs…what-have-yous…lotta strands, man.”


This summer’s inconveniences should at least prompt the debate: apply hate crime laws in earnest or repeal them.

I had assumed its proponents were cynically aware of hate legislation’s dubious necessity. They were just another species of demagogue, cultivating fear and loathing as leverage to power. Liberals become extreme law-and-order conservatives here (no longer liberal, but “progressive”). As in the case of rape, invoking another tenet of the faith, it’s Damn the Constitution. White racism is for the progressive left what communism once was for the right (and liberalism, to tell the truth), the great enemy against which it defines itself. There is no Islamic terrorism waiting, so this Cold War must self-perpetuate. We will always be at war with Racist Eastasia.

But my faith in their cynicism is shaken. It seems they truly are that foolish: they thought the real race problem was the white redneck remnant. They really do see racists around every corner, and white racism in every instance of black failure. They are as blind to black bigotry as they appear–after all these years of purporting to make a study and concern of bigotry as such. That jig is up.

That proponents of hate crimes legislation weren’t deterred by the potential for blowback–the chance the laws might affect more black and brown criminals–is striking. They are either that stupid, or that confident in their ability to force their hypocrisy upon the whole nation through the selective application of these laws. So far this is what they’ve done. Of course they didn’t anticipate the summer of thugs.

Hate crime legislation, ironically, did. At some point it becomes appropriate and necessary–when the violence is no longer bearable. Once racially motivated crimes become a distinct problem. The left demanded these laws on the basis that they already were. They’ve been arguing dishonestly for years that hate crimes are a serious and growing threat–always in potential outbreak–suddenly they’re right, the dumb bastards!

We say never ascribe to malice what is adequately explained by stupidity. Our progressive establishment, like their uncontrolled street-vanguard, seems to feed one with the other. With blithe confidence they created–for their despised white majority–a draconian remedy for black hatred with–well looky here!–hate crime laws. Whatsay we take these babies out for a spin?

Let’s assemble that prison population of hate criminals the left has been clamoring for. Let its demographic composition mock their obstinate faith. If we were a serious country we would use or lose these laws, which our black children–for whom they were drafted, with tears and concern–mock with furious glee. I suspect we’ll choose door number three. Maintain the lie.

*Oh shit, do we owe the world another apology? Mr. President?


from the West Allis police department:

“As you will see from the press releases, the West Allis Police Department has NOT stated that it will not seek the [Wisconsin] penalty enhancer* for hate crime.”

Pardon me, officer.

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