Cadence Song

Me? I hope to go out singing, defiantly. Like DeNiro’s redneck Nemesis in Cape Fear, warbling in tongues as the rising tide consumes him. I want to play myself over this way, a segue between shows, until the dirty water fills my lungs. It’s not bravery, it’s denial; and denial gets a bad rap. DenialContinue reading “Cadence Song”

Chickenhawks of the Enlightenment

I’ve just learned (tardily, as usual) from Tom Piatak at Taki’s that University of Minnesota professor and blogger of the unfortunately common uber-glib school (casual conversational tone, replete with gratuitous obscenities), PZ Myers, outraged at the reaction of a Catholic church to a student protester spiriting away (excuse the expression) and defiling the Eucharist, hasContinue reading “Chickenhawks of the Enlightenment”

Throw Granny Under the Bus, Hug the Store-Front Preacher, Affect Magnanimity

One of the early responders to the Obama speech praised it by saying that the senator appeals to the “winners and losers” of the American experience. This is a common case of a mainstream figure tripping over the fatal flaw in the American Left’s narrative, hitting his head and taking the ensuing flash of whiteContinue reading “Throw Granny Under the Bus, Hug the Store-Front Preacher, Affect Magnanimity”