Memories of Youth’s Idyll

A typically interesting post on Steve Sailer’s blog about, among other things, the criminality emanating from Compton, California as a highly marketed product taking the form of rap, movies, and television, has brought to mind my own halcyon days of youth growing up in nearby Norwalk. Norwalk is a working class suburb in southeast L.A.Continue reading “Memories of Youth’s Idyll”

Untethered, First Quarter Results

(Tentative)For the fiscal quarter ending 30 Nov. 05 In this report, “Untethered”, “Company”, “Dennis Dale”, and “Dennis” refer to the weblog Untethered and its sole owner and proprietor Dennis Dale. Owing to the psychological reorganization completed on 31 August 2005, the two are to be considered a single entity, unless specificity is required in describingContinue reading “Untethered, First Quarter Results”