Trans Savior Complex

It isn’t as if I haven’t been prepared for Anne Jakrajutatip, alpha male Asian trans female feminist owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, but the effect is still jarring.

New characters emerge all the time out of the global cultural miasma, rising from the murk to reveal themselves like the die in an old Magic 8 Ball (they were filled with some sort of fluid in which the die rose to the little viewer-window when you turned it over), until the globe is shaken up once more and they are submerged again.

In his speech at this year’s show Jakrajutatip declared a stunning and brave New Order: the contest would now be a “global women’s empowerment platform”. With a tongueless Bruce Lee accent he angrily declared the seventy-year nightmare of male ownership of the pageant over, waving a magisterial index finger with confident arrogance that would befit the Empress Dowager Cixi–a woman who ruled from behind the curtain in the time of patriarchy, channeled here by a man who rules from behind plastic breasts in a time of matriarchy.

Needless to say the audience applauded as if oblivious to the irony, and the vast majority certainly were.

Save some of that enthusiasm for when they crown the first transgender-woman-full-stop
@jorejorokee1, TikTok

There is a trope called the white savior complex which operates under the damned if you do clause of the damned if you do/damned if you don’t dynamic applied to white “allies” of Blacks! and other minorities. White condescension, thin-air theorists tell us, harms “the BIPOC” in various ways–ironically a condescending point of view that sees the BIPOC as agency-less blobs in space. I’m inclined to agree, but still.

“White Savior Complex” is just more gaslighting manipulation of whites yearning to be free of suspicion, to be sure, but it has a basis reality. That reality is turned inside out in the mind of critical theorists and their saps, who can only see mendacity even in the most ethno-masochistic and self-abnegating white behavior. If a desperate white ally set himself on fire for Black! empowerment somewhere, somebody would soon pen a piece on how it harms the BIPOC.

Dickens famously criticized something like this, and the disdain or indifference for the co-ethnics suffering next door that always accompanies it, as “telescoping philanthropy“.

“In-deed! Mrs. Jellyby,” said Mr. Kenge, standing with his back to the fire and casting his eyes over the dusty hearth-rug as if it were Mrs. Jellyby’s biography, “is a lady of very remarkable strength of character who devotes herself entirely to the public. She has devoted herself to an extensive variety of public subjects at various times and is at present (until something else attracts her) devoted to the subject of Africa, with a view to the general cultivation of the coffee berry—AND the natives—and the happy settlement, on the banks of the African rivers, of our superabundant home population

And more recently the phenomenon has been described as “leapfrogging loyalties” by Steve Sailer

Modern liberals defining trait is making a public spectacle of how their loyalties leapfrog over some unworthy folks relatively close to them in favor of other people they barely know.

Pathological altruism like this appears to be a uniquely white Western phenomenon, with an evolutionary basis.

But: how similar is Angry Alpha Anne’s performance to that of the typical self-hating white “ally”? While he throws his fellow men under the bus the same way the white ally throws his co-ethntics over, this feels different somehow. A ready analogy presents itself with the Rachel Dolezal model where a white passes oneself off as minority to Stick it to the (white) Man.

Dolezal was seen as appropriating an identity of real monetary and cultural value. That one can trade up by passing as a minority is as obvious as it is unspoken. Black! people are left pretending Dolezal is latching onto their ongoing suffering–when she is in fact latching onto their growing privilege. Having risen to a leadership role like many a white faker Dolezal arguably earned her Black! identity by virtue of her work on behalf of Blacks!

The difference is Anne is not working on behalf of women. Anne is working on behalf of Anne.

The pageant this year was marred by accusations of fraud–Jakrajutatip is said to have rigged the contest for Miss USA, R’Bonney Gabriel, and I couldn’t help noticing the thin, elegant Gabriel’s lack of hips–like a transgender “woman”. It’s as if Anne’s is getting them ready for the first transgender winner. I have just the guy, er girl for the crown:

Now, when the trans owner of Miss Universe crowns the first trans Miss Universe how are the boring old biological women going to react?

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