The ADL/Antifa/DA Axis Draws the L in Portland, this Time

Last August Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt asked a grand jury to return murder or assault charges against a strip club bouncer who shot and killed one man and wounded another after one of them fired on him. The grand jury declined (per Oregon law they did not issue a “true bill”), finding Jascha Manny had acted in self defense.

But things haven’t ended there because, as the local free weekly Willamette Week reported at the time, there is a “noteworthy element of the case: Manny is white. Ross is Black…” The paper provided no further context (beyond the disparate capitalization; still, even readers of the woke WW trolled the rag by mockingly asking for elaboration in the comments).

Now leaked documents reveal the district attorney filed charges after the ADL’s “Center on Extremism” brought him open source intelligence passed along from Rose City Antifa, anarchist architects of the 2020 George Floyd riots, exposing Jascha Manny’s involvement with white nationalist activism in Seattle, where he came to the attention of local antifa after organizing a counter-protest in support of the police in 2015. With eyewitness and video evidence showing no crime, the DA tried to convince one had been committed based on Manny’s political beliefs, as evidenced by the chat logs provided to him by antifa by way of the ADL and presented to the unimpressed grand jury.

Manny and his employer Mary’s Club are being sued by the wounded man and Portland’s radical progressive community is still lobbying for criminal charges.

The grand jury accepted Manny’s account that he confronted Lauren Abbott Jr and another man as they harassed homeless people on the street, shining a bright light in their eyes. The eventual deceased Abbott fell, was pushed down or “body slammed” depending on who you believe (the last being the characterization of the surviving shooting victim presently suing Manny and Mary’s; video is inconclusive, but doesn’t suggest a full-on “body slam”); 19 year-old Lauren Abbott got up shooting and Manny returned fire.

The Oregonian

The only mentions of violence appearing in Manny’s alleged chat logs, as “Pariah1” are to discourage it. In the supposedly damning record the ACLU provided Manny and his small group of pro-police demonstrators are the only victims of violence–attacked and sent running by a much larger group of the same black-bloc anarchists trying to get their law enforcement allies to send him to prison now.

Still District Attorney Mike Schmidt put the material in front of a grand jury as reason to charge Manny. Eric Stryker of National Justice reported on this last week:

During the proceedings, prosecutors centered their argument for criminal charges on prejudicial information secretly provided to them by the ADL’s “Center on Extremism,” which asserted that Manny had pro-white political beliefs.

On November 15 Abbott’s surviving friend and lawsuit plaintiff Kolby Ross held a press conference calling for hate crime charges.

Manny was arrested at the scene;. Uncredited photo

Antifa-allied journalist Alex Zielinski of The Mercury, Portland’s more radical free weekly, details the lawsuit pending against Mary’s and Manny here in a typically slanted piece. Included is a photo of the plaintiff standing sideways and contrapposto to show us how harmless he is:

Portland Mercury

Antifa boasted of routing Manny’s small 2015 Seattle protest with “golf clubs, chairs, bricks, bottles and even a fire extinguisher”:

On May 21st, 2015, Olympia police officer Ryan Donald shot two brothers, black and unarmed, while responding to an alleged shoplifting incident. Both survived, but the younger brother is now paralyzed from the waist down. As outcry over the shooting began to grow, protesters organized several demonstrations against police brutality. Meanwhile, a small contingent of counter-demonstrators started showing up at various events around Olympia to support the police. They were a mix of various unorganized right-wing racists that were part of the same loose social group, who may have become politically active due to Jascha Manny’s encouragement. (Manny first came to our attention as a white power activist due to his participation in several actions with the American Freedom Party.)

As Jascha Manny’s enthusiasm and confidence grew, he posted on the online racist forum Stormfront (under the moniker of “1pariah”) calling for a white supremacist police solidarity march to be held on May 30th. Meanwhile, word spread among anti-racists of Manny’s plans. A rally against the dual forces of white supremacy–neo-Nazis and police–was planned for the same night. The anti-racist protestors were a mix of people from the Black Lives Matter movement, black-bloc, various antifa and allies, with hundreds in attendance. Only ten or so neo-Nazi boneheads showed up. This is a situation typical of explicit white supremacist public actions–a paltry amount of fascists met by throngs of opposition–and demonstrates Manny’s tactical inexperience as an organizer.

As the rival groups met, Jascha Manny and his “crew” assaulted an older protester and fighting  broke out. The neo-Nazis were quickly routed from the area, fleeing golf clubs, chairs, bricks, bottles, and even a fire extinguisher. Running for their lives, they made it to their vehicles, but not before having their windows smashed as they fled the city.

I fear these people are looking to the Biden Department of Justice for help.

2 thoughts on “The ADL/Antifa/DA Axis Draws the L in Portland, this Time

  1. That was an interesting article. Thanks. I’m always amazed at the effort the anti-extremist watchdogs expend in order to track online behavior. Can they use the transcripts by Pariah-1 at stormfront as evidence in court? Surely not.

    Here’s an article on the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) by an antifa associate. There’s also references to Portland in the article:

    “The NCRI’s use of the hate framework is particularly egregious because the institute applies it to the radical left as well as the far right. The NCRI’s report on “militant anarcho-socialist networks” repeatedly uses language that links and equates leftists with far rightists.” –

    Basically, they’re unhappy with the data-driven NCRI’s approach.

    NCRI website:

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    1. Thank you. They can in fact use transcripts grand jury presentations as you see. Probably depends on the judge in a jury trial. I expect it to become commonplace.
      Thanks for the links.


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