Momz and Dadz

Black! people hit their kids. Everyone knows this. I drove a taxi for a short stint a long time ago. Once I drove a big Black! momma with two small boys, like mom thickset with little toad-like heads, showing all the promise of, soon, a pair of vigorous bruisers. One of the boys wouldn’t cooperate as she tried buckling him in; almost immediately she started pummeling him with hard, close-fisted blows, which he took like a champ. I don’t remember him crying.

“scyuze me.” She breathed the words heavily, winded. “You gotta do that sometimes.”

I don’t know what I said but it was intended to convey I Do Not Judge.

The Daily Mail is reporting on a retired NBA player they say put his young son in the hospital with a punch landed in New York’s La Guardia airport Monday night. The child’s “stepmom” (she’s a rider) is defending him against–it should be called Karenism, the intrusion of white values on Black! people:

Ex-NBA star Ben Gordon did not hit his son but was targeted by a ‘kiosk Karen’ at the airport after reprimanding the child, his ex-girlfriend and the boy’s stepmom has claimed.

The former Chicago Bulls shooting guard was arrested for allegedly hitting his son Elijah, 11, while they were in LaGuardia airport waiting for a Chicago-bound flight on Monday night.

Gordon, 39, shares his son with his ex-fiancé Sascha Smith, 32, and the 11-year-old was rushed to Long Island Jewish Hospital with his aunt.

He also has a younger son, Lux, with Ashley Banks who has defended the athlete and claims he was doing ‘push ups’ with Elijah before being approached by airline staff.

She told ‘He’s just misunderstood. He’s a great father. He gives them the world.

‘Maybe his son wasn’t listening, and he reprimanded him…”

You must do that sometimes.

Note this was the estimation of the spicy little chiquita, LA councilwoman Nury Martinez, observing the (no doubt common) spectacle of a white weirdo raising a Black! child with the same level of indulgence that works with a white child.

 Mr. Bonin, a West Los Angeles liberal, as the council’s “fourth Black member” and joked with Ms. Martinez that Mr. Bonin carried his adopted son, who is Black, as if the toddler were a designer handbag. Ms. Martinez complained that on a parade float on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mr. Bonin had failed to control his son and said that the child’s antics had nearly tipped the float over.

“They’re raising him like a little white kid,” Ms. Martinez said on the recording.

“I was like, this kid needs a beatdown. Let me take him around the corner, and then I’ll bring him back.”

It’s not clear her methods would be any worse than those of a gay white man with a Black! people fetish. Black! values for Black! people–without segregation–is the unspoken, mostly unrecognized goal of “civil rights” now, and the circle that will not be squared (or named) is our groping attempt to maintain some semblance of order while we indulge Black! values.

Segregation looks like an elegant solution to this problem, compared to where we are now.

Meanwhile I do not judge.

One thought on “Momz and Dadz

  1. This is great. Thanks.

    I went to a Christmas concert a few years ago, a Handel oratorio. Four people singing, one black. He acted like he was waiting for a bus. Totally bored, but he can get some money from whitey; shit on him at the same time, and whitey humbly, gratefully accepts the offering. Not a bad gig bro.


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