2 thoughts on “PDX POV 9.29.22

  1. Good catch with the eyes. Subliminal penetration. They know what they’re doing. It’s interesting too that the black dreamer has graffiti on her body but not her face. It grows like a forest from the ground. Rooted, primordial and kind of crazy. Unthinking sensual knowledge. But that’s okay because it’s a sacred victim. I suppose the City of Portland pays for this.

    The kawasaki appears to be some sort of hybrid off-road/touring type. Must be versatile.

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  2. The Black! uplift kitsch was ubiquitous long before the Racial Reckoning of 2020, and the young Black! girl looking hopefully to the future is one of its most prevalent themes. I was struck by this one years ago, at the deliberate nature of the city’s public art efforts to portray this kitsch in the conspicuous absence of white people or children, especially not displayed hopefully–unless they’re being chaperoned, so to speak, by Blacks! or browns. I think I actually wrote a post about this.

    The other one is a Real Estate company ad I’ve been seeing all over for a few months, and I was struck right away by the hopeless despair in the father’s eyes, which I hope registers here. It sure does to the naked eye. When he turned up here I thought: perfect.

    That is a dual sport bike yes.


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