The Me-trix

Aggressive narcissism defines us now. Weaponized, it fuels the woke demolition machine.

But the individual narcissist lives in oblivion, most of all of his narcissism and its manipulation.

The image from The Matrix of people siloed off from and unaware of one another while all feed their energy into the same giant tower is apt; but the real life Matrix drains your psychic, not your physical energy–which itself is a problem addressed through “the climate crisis” and “sustainability”. It isn’t too crazy to suspect your elimination is the end-goal.

We’re not even useful as batteries–the Metrix says so. In fact, unlike the film where an entirely illusory world is created, the Metrix works by laying everything bare until mystery and innocence aren’t possible. Sex is stripped of all modesty and mystery. Mystery is wrung out of everything. Everything is made trite through repetition. Nihilism is presented as the only tenable position. The Metrix’ illusion isn’t that you live in another reality, but that this one is normal and natural.

This is what I thought when reading about the latest petty outrage by a woke aggressive narcissist–a teacher in Utah bragging about the cocoon of Black! and brown propaganda to which she she subjects the innocents in her care:

‘For the first time in my life I am teaching at a majority white school and I’m kind of interested to see how students and parents react to my classroom or if they even notice anything about it because it’s built for non-white students,’ she said on the social network. 

I live in a majority white city built for non-whites, by the way. My report is that subjection to the typical Black! condescension/white condemnation kitsch which dominates here is that it’s deadening. It sucks a little of the life out of you, and the city.

I was struck by the obliviousness of the teacher–for whom I suspect the quiet resignation with which most white parents greet this slander is all the more infuriating, for the lack of attention it draws to her. Naturally she still has a job.

District representatives told the TV news station that ’employees on their own time and personal lives have free speech rights.’

That’s good to hear. Now let me tell you about niggers and cri–oof! ouch! oh fuck…!

No word yet on whether Merrick Garland and the FBI are pursuing charges against the outraged white parents.

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