Dark Brandon Rises

they have built the electric chair and hired the executioner to throw the switch all right we are two nations America…

–John Dos Passos, The Big Money

Sacco and Vanzetti at least had defenders. They still have. Will we?

Someone in the furtive Biden Administration, America’s first fully fake presidency, thought it would make a good backdrop for a political speech to bathe the “sacred ground” of Independence Hall in Philadelphia in a garish blood red making shadowy and threatening two Marine guard props flanking an American flag–as guardians of hypocrisy, er democracy. Semper fi DEI

And it was hypocrisy that loomed over the crude and desperate speech that saw American political rhetoric fall to its nadir, an Idiocracy-level stupidity and a, well, 2022-level of mendacity. I’m not sure Brandon. slurring the “maga republicans” refrain (has anyone tallied how many times?), is operating at a level comfortably above that film’s body-builder newscasters.

Perhaps the world would be wise to take note. Is the world still paying attention? I kind of hope not; it was a shameful thing. But they should. “Democracy” is the universal value for which the Ukraine is taking its turn in the barrel presently, and for which Taiwan can expect its coming glory. That red glow of democracy (real or fake) framing Joe is to illuminate the globe after all–the incendiary red glow of munitions usually announces democracy’s arrival, its embers glow in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya. The world should be scared if not impressed.

Don’t scoff at Brandon; this ad campaign has persisted for decades

Biden shaking his skinny fists like antennas to heaven; branches of lightning crackle from them as the Marine guards morph into seven-foot drag queens with rainbow-colored M60s; the red brick of Independence Hall begins pulsing, breathing…

Sorry; the video also appears capable of inducing hallucinatory flashbacks.

But Brandon was only embarrassing us before the world, not speaking to it. He wasn’t even speaking to us, that dissident half or more of the nation characterized dishonestly as “Maga Republicans”–we are another nation the president declared, and if there’s any substance to Joe’s sad betrayal it is that: the president of the United States declared half the nation an irredeemable threat. A doddering acid-trip Lincoln announces the suspension of civil liberties and opening of hostilities not to force the Union together, but to force it apart.

But make no mistake. There will be union if not the Union. Operation Dark Brandon isn’t looking to cut us loose (conflicts aren’t fought over land any more, Vladimir Putin!) and the nascent one-party post democratic regime hijacking America isn’t interested in ceding land, rights or resources to any people or to any competing models–Brandon’s hallucinatory “democracy” can barely abide competing models abroad.

So I guess it’s on, Bran-don.

2 thoughts on “Dark Brandon Rises

  1. They would have hired a Hollywood- Met Opera- or Kennedy Center set designer. You don’t come up with an idea like that over night. Six months at least. The political operatives wanted subliminal penetration to deep-condition the masses towards the next level. Not sure exactly the motivation though. Could possibly be to provoke more Reichstag moments and subsequent clampdowns and vilification of “white supremacists.” Could be sending a message throughout the world that maniacs are in power but with a kind of cat and mouse promise of violence, i.e., we are damaged goods, victims of oppression, and therefore not in full control of ourselves, so don’t hold us responsible. Could also be to frighten people into not voting for the wrong candidate this fall. Could be all three or something else. Whatever, it’s a new, odd formation. We are entering into a baroque phase where the real world is becoming increasingly incorporated into a simulated one. Maybe they’re anticipating a metaverse with chimeras and deep-fakes in the new propaganda medium.

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    1. The whole thing is a pantomime, but certainly all three as you suggest. As we follow a timeline similar to WW2 only 80 years ago, the comparison with the Reichstag is appropriate.

      Indeed as the Nazis never went away after WW2 (many went to the US), this is all understandable.

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