Urban Contemporary Combat

Dutch commandos from an elite anti-terrorism group in Indianapolis to study “urban combat” got a little impromptu live-fire training from some urban contemporary combatants:

Dutch commando has died after he and his two colleagues were wounded in a shooting outside a hotel in downtown Indianapolis over the weekend.

The commando, who was in a critical condition in hospital following the shooting, died of his injuries on Sunday night, the Dutch Ministry of Defense said in a statement today.

The soldier, whose identity was not released, was one of three members of the Dutch Commando Corps who were shot and wounded at around 3.30am on Saturday morning after what local police believe was a disturbance outside the hotel where they were staying…

It’s not uncommon for foreign servicemen to train at US bases. But what is the nature of this “urban combat”? Who’s the enemy?

The Marines have been using Indiana for such training since 2008 at least, and it appears foreign servicemen have been coming to Indiana to train for at least that long. It may not mean anything, but it’s notable that Dutch soldiers are training for urban combat at the same time Dutch farmers are staging massive demonstrations against the government’s land grab to fight “global warming”.

Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports that the wounded men are members of the anti-terrorism 108 Commando Company. The group is training at a facility designed to teach urban combat.   

‘The shooting took place in front of the hotel where the commandos are staying,’ said a ministry spokesperson. ‘The incident happened during the military members’ free time.’

The soldiers were probably headed for the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (former site of the Indiana Farm Colony for the Feeble Minded) in rural Indiana, where the Army has a mock-up of a typical American city for training in urban combat.

Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) offers users a globally unique, urban and rural, multi-domain operating environment that is recognized as the Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) largest urban training facility serving those who work to defend the homeland and win the peace.

Muscatatuck is a real city that includes a built physical infrastructure, a well-integrated cyber-physical environment, an electromagnetic effects system and human elements. Muscatatuck offers realistic, flexible and affordable training and testing scenarios. The site supports customized live/virtual/constructive (LVC) training, developmental testing and evaluation.

Multi-Domain Environment

The multi-domain environment includes a physical metropolitan infrastructure, a 1,000 acre urban and rural landscape with more than 190 brick-and-mortar structures with roughly 1.5 million square feet under roof, 1.8 miles of subterranean tunnels, a cave complex, more than nine miles of roads, managed airspace, a 185-acre reservoir, and a cyber live-fire range. The cyber range, or CyberTropolis, is capable of supporting live offensive and defensive operations for all three tenants of multi-domain operations (MDO) at any echelon through live/virtual/constructive (LVC) training platforms. This integrated MDO environment touches the 21st Century battlefield domains of land, air, maritime, cyberspace and space and includes the electromagnetic spectrum and information environment. As users regularly add role-players to create dense urban terrain (DUT), the unpredictable realism slows operations while increasing the speed and complexity of tactical engagements.

Muscatatuck is also home the Army’s “Cybertropolis”, which has built its own fake internet and technological infrastructure to practice turning off the water and other things:

CyberTropolis is the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center’s persistent training environment for advanced cyber-physical training and exercise support. This unique venue trains Joint Cyber Mission Forces with access to a real city consisting of genuine Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems (SCADA), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), a fully network integrated closed cellular network and Social Media Environment and Internet Replication system (SMEIR).

Our cyber live-fire developmental testing and training range for critical infrastructure systems is capable of supporting live offensive and defensive operations. The CyberTropolis environment produces physical outcomes, while most other facilities offer only a virtual interaction. MUTC’s virtual network is a secured enclave of the city’s enterprise network and is designed to facilitate cyber intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and exploitation activities.

The Onyx System provides a closed-loop cellular network containing a unified software core network that enables fully integrated support for 3G (UMTS and EVDO) and 4G LTE technologies, and provides users with real-life training scenarios for current and future mission readiness requirements. This system also has the ability to generate traffic to increase the realism and complexity

A US general boasted to CNN that US encouragement and training of civilians to go fight the Russian war machine goes way back and is stalling Putin’s war


During its conflict with Russia, Ukraine has been relying on a US-developed doctrine that involves both the military and civilians taking part in defensive activities, CNN reported on Saturday.

The Resistance Operating Concept (ROC), which is said to provide a blueprint for smaller states to counter larger powers, was developed in 2013 in response to Russia’s conflict with Georgia in 2008. It was further enhanced after Crimea’s “nearly bloodless” reunification with Moscow in 2014, which “stunned Ukraine and the West,” CNN said.

The ROC represents “an innovative and unconventional approach to warfare and total defense,” and guides the actions not only of the Ukrainian military, but also the civilian population.

“It’s all hands on deck in terms of the comprehensive defense for the government of Ukraine,” explained retired Lt. Gen. Mark Schwartz, who was in charge of Special Operations Command Europe during the development of the concept. “They’re using every resource and they’re also using some highly unconventional means by which to disrupt the Russian Federation military.” 

Schwartz said it was “just incredible to watch… despite the unbelievable loss of life and sacrifice, what the will to resist and the resolve to resist can do.”

Incredible to watch, yes.

The Ukraine is already nesting its forces and artillery in civilian areas wherever it can and has been plausibly accused of using civilians as “human shields”. It sounds very much like the “resistance operating concept”; you can’t devise a strategy sending civilians against tanks without having factored in the optics of civilian casualties. They might not mention that to CNN (then again they might, as they seem to be saying many of the quiet parts out loud now), but bad optics for the enemy might be not just a feature of the strategy but the point.

Every accusation is a plaudit in another context–it all depends on the crowd. Think of “the Great Replacement” and its double duty as a “conspiracy theory” and a Wonderful Thing to be boasted of and hastened.

It just shows how degenerate we’ve become that there’s a crowd, apparently, for whom civilian carnage is an inspiration.

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