PDX Dispatch Monday Aug 8: Sinus Justice

Shot through the nose and you’re to blame…

The Daily Mail reports a woman was shot through the nose driving down a Portland street during the daytime. Turns out she drove through the middle of a gunfight between people on opposite sides of the street (this appears to be a common set-up, gangstas shooting at each other across a busy street); she auto-bombed a gunfight. A local news station covered the story but it appears to have been mostly ignored by local media. I must admit my sympathy is somewhat tempered by learning the woman works in Human Resources.

A Ukrainian woman living in crime-ridden Portland has shared a bloody video of her bullet-shattered face after being caught in a grisly shooting crossfire in broad daylight. 

Katie Guzenko, 27, was driving in her car during the afternoon when she was suddenly shot. The bullet shattered the glass, pierced through her nose and then out again through the driver’s side window.

Horrific footage from July 20 shows the woman hyperventilating with her own crimson blood gushing over her face before she realizes what has happened to her. 

She immediately got out her phone and recorded her wounds. Why do people have to do that? What’s wrong with us?

Yes, I would have done exactly the same thing.

Ted Wheeler has declared a state of emergency around gun violence. I thought he’d already done that. I’m probably thinking of the state of emergency addressing homelessness. Maybe this is a “double secret probation”-like state of emergency. A little known codicil in the city charter, perhaps.

The day after Katie’s horrific ordeal, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency over gun violence and set a goal to reduce shootings and gun-related deaths in the city by 10 per cent over the next two years. 

Katie told city commissioners: ‘Ted Wheeler‘s plan to decrease gun violence by 10 per cent in two years is an incredibly low target when comparing it to how much it’s increased…

Portland police data shows that in 2019, there were an average of 30 shootings a month – but now the number of shootings in the city has reached 112. 

“The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is Ted.”

Ten percent over two years against an increase approaching 100 percent is admirably modest; a realistic attempt not to return Portland to its pre-BLM peacefulness, but just to tamp down somewhat the new normal of violent exuberance gripping Black! Portlanders in the “racial reckoning”. As the local “crime is not really up” gang here would tell you, chances of you getting a spontaneous horizontal nostril drilled out courtesy of a stray .40 caliber bullet are infinitesimal already, and getting smaller with Ted’s new determination.

Time to work on that tan…

In a sane world such shameful stupidity would merit condemnation of the group responsible. Portland is rotten with self-proclaimed, tax-funded Black! leaders, and not a single one has ever to answer for the behavior of “the community”–in which, more often than not, they have little support or even name recognition. They tend to be recruited and put forward by the city’s progressive power brokers.

The intensely pro-Black! anti-police culture that’s taken over the city means we’ve embarked on an experiment of sorts, to see how far into chaos indulgence of Black! mayhem will take you. How much ruin is in a city? Portland seems determined to find out.

So I see a relationship between the above story and this report of a Portland non-profit offering monthly basic income payments to 50 Black! families (links and reverential capitalization etc of “Black!” added):

Black! Resilience Fund , a program of Brown Hope, a nonprofit started by social justice activist Cameron Whitten in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in 2020, began accepting applications Aug. 1 for an initiative to provide up to 50 Black! families with a guaranteed basic income of up to $2,000 a month for three years. [if you “identify as Black!, African American, or African” apply here]

Whitten secured a matching grant of $100,000 from the Oregon Community Foundation and is seeking to raise a total of $500,000 this summer. He says other large foundations are receptive to the concept of granting low-income families a monthly payment, an idea some economists have long supported and one that presidential candidate Andrew Yang highlighted in 2020.

The awards are income-based and vary by family size: from $1,000 for a single adult up to $2,000 for a family with three or more children.

More than 7,500 people applied in the first 24 hours after the program went live Aug. 1. “It’s a sign of the overwhelming need out there,” Whitten says.

How many tax dollars are finding its way into this grift I don’t know.

3 thoughts on “PDX Dispatch Monday Aug 8: Sinus Justice

  1. Great article. Thanks. Have you had energy grid problems yet in Portland? Are basic services starting to break down? The subway in DC is toast. If you discipline blacks it’s racism. If you don’t discipline them it’s also racism. Subsequently, the subway is collapsing and blacks being sacred victims (and dominating the union) nobody can do anything about it. I suspect Portland still has a functioning infrastructure because the tipping point hasn’t been reached yet.


  2. We’re having trouble finding bus and train drivers due to an increase in unruly passengers–the city pulled its cops off the transit detail in 2020. A train recently crashed into a concrete abutment–something that shouldn’t happen, Tomorrow I’ll be posting another dispatch about some of this.


  3. Also we don’t have enough Blacks! to give them all the transit jobs, so we don’t have DC’s problems. But I’m certain they’re not hiring white guys now, and we can expect the incompetence to increase.


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