Getting Out the Bad China

Yesterday I saw a small car caravan in downtown Portland protesting the Chinese government. Cars outfitted all with the same well-made banners seeking to “end the evil CCP [Chinese Communist Party]”, driven by Asian people (capably enough, dispelling old calumnies about Bad Asian Drivers), drew a few curious stares. The professional quality of the cars’ outfitting suggested this was not a spontaneous grass roots demonstration. “End the CCP” and “the evil CCP” are phrases that turn up elsewhere and appear to be the result of a centralized campaign to foster fear and resentment of China here. Here’s a petition you can sign to “end the evil CCP” (how it works I don’t know; maybe a billion signatures means the clouds part and the sun shines down on Xi retiring, the CCP disbanding and drag queens fanning out through China to mend and heal).

This seems to be of a part with a campaign to escalate hostilities with China that includes Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. It’s important to note Pelosi is third in line to replace our faltering president, behind the roundly ridiculed Kamala Harris. One conspiratorial explanation for Pelosi’s visit and apparent kidnapping of US foreign policy is she’s preparing for assuming the office.

With Taiwan moving closer to the US (the current government and elite of the island nation can’t possibly be eager to swallowed up by China) there is a very dangerous play in effect: the peaceful reunification of Taiwan with China becomes less and less possible, as the US drives the two farther apart. This cannot end well and those who pay the highest price will be the Taiwanese people.

Like Ukraine, we are positioning Taiwan to fight to the last man to maintain the “liberal” global order.

One thought on “Getting Out the Bad China

  1. The sad thing is China is an enemy and does need to be reined in.

    But we are not up to the task now. Most of the people saber rattling with China now were nowhere to be found when people proposed anti-Chinese tariffs, banning Chinese purchases of US assets, and banning Chinese students from US colleges.

    The neo-cons are the worst with their talk of first pacifying Russia and then moving on to China. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to make Russia and ally against the greater threat of China?

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