Murder Mystery

The Daily Mail asks:

Why did take more than 29 hours to find and arrest James? 

As recently as Wednesday morning, James got on the train again at 9:15am in Park Slope and traveled into Manhattan, right under the noses of the doubled number of cops on trains.

It wasn’t until a member of the public noticed him in a McDonald’s and called police that he was finally arrested at 1:42pm at St Marks Place and First Avenue. 

Photos taken earlier that were posted on social media show him strolling around in a hat, mask and dark clothing.

James has a long rap sheet with charges in New York and New Jersey dating back to the 1990s for possessing burglary tools, criminal sex acts, criminal tampering, trespassing, larceny and disorderly conduct.

It’s still unclear why it took 24 hours to apprehend James, and how he was able to seemingly walk around in plain sight. 

The article goes on to portray the general ineptitude of New York’s authorities and its failing infrastructure–people locked in subway cars, security cameras not working–and the understaffing of subway cops.

So with all the incompetence presided over by an appropriately inept black mayor sheltering in his basement with Covid, it’s hard to answer the Daily Mail’s question. But here’s a possible contributing factor from Steve Sailer:

But do New York Times readers, many of whom live in New York and need to be on the look out for this dangerous maniac on the run, know that? You’d have to read pretty deep into the NYT’s coverage to find a picture of the shooter.

Here are all the images that the NYT has posted higher up in their coverage than the picture of the wanted desperado.

After one scrolls a yard or so down the NYT article through photos of everything but the black power terrorist on the run, if he doesn’t get bored and move on:

And then, finally after 1,563 words, 8 photos, 2 videos, and 1 custom-made map, we get a picture of the shooter on the loose:

The NYT still can’t bear to use the word “black” to describe the gunman:

Mr. James remains at large, James Essig, the Police Department’s chief of detectives, said in a news conference at police headquarters.

“We are endeavoring to locate him to determine his connection to the subway shooting, if any,” Chief Essig said.

He appeared to have posted dozens of videos on YouTube, where he riffed off news events in long, vitriolic rants. He blamed Black women for violence among Black people and pointed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as evidence that whites are genocidal.

Shortly before 8:30 a.m., the police said, a heavyset, dark-skinned man in a construction vest and construction helmet donned a gas mask as a crowded N train approached the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood, tossed two smoke grenades on the floor of the car, and began firing the gun. Thirty-three shots later, he fled.

Perhaps the earnest wokals at the NYT can make themselves feel better about enhancing public safety if they just lose the reverential capitalization of “black” when describing dangerous lunatics on the loose. They can justify it with a version of the No True Scotsman fallacy–No True Negro would shoot up a subway station.

Note how the shooter incorporated the Ukraine narrative into his analysis. Everyone one of us now is his own little narrate-o-matic.


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