PDX Dispatch 3/24: It’s a Sick World After All

A 22 year-old man was arraigned for the death of his infant child last summer after the child suffered for two months before succumbing to his injuries. We’ve seen this man before.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland man convicted of assaulting a federal officer is now facing charges in connection with his infant child’s death.

Court documents say 22-year-old Dakota Means is charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

According to a memorandum opposing bail filed by prosecutors, the child was admitted to Randall Children’s Hospital with a serious brain injury in April of 2021.

The child later died from his injuries in June, and the medical examiner found the cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Court documents say a doctor also found the child had been previously abused with evidence of rib fractures.

Prosecutors allege Dakota was the only one in the room with his child when the injuries occurred. They say the child’s mother had also told him he needed to be more gentle with the children.

Means was originally charged with assault and child mistreatment before being charged with second-degree murder. He pled not guilty to the charges in 2021.

Prosecutors say he is also on probation for a 2021 federal conviction for assaulting an officer.

The sullen, dead-eyed and moon-faced mulatto became familiar to me in summer of 2020 as one of the many would-be thugs attracted to the action and easy prey at downtown’s continual occupation by white BLM protesters. When I read of his arrest for assault on a federal courthouse employee in August of that year, I recognized this face that only a slatternly single white mom from Gresham could love.

Turns out I’d seen him in video of events leading up to the savage beating of a man downtown on August 16, when a crew acting as BLM security put him in a coma for trying to help a transvestite they were roughing up–a likely associate of these men later shot and killed a Proud Boy for walking downtown.

YouTube won’t allow me to share the age-restricted video someone put together here, but at about 2:40 you see Dakota threatening a man with a gun, or bluffing that he has one in his backpack. The man’s holding a knife because Dakota’s crew has him surrounded, after he pulled over to help the transvestite, who’d caught their attention when they were knocking about a white guy they had just marched out of the protest a block away, for looking suspicious. At one point, inexplicably, Dakota threatened the transvestite by promising to get his gun; comically, every time I’ve encountered this guy, including once in person, he’s threatening to bring out that gun.

I’ve included screenshots of the video: the brother with balls of steel playing the righteous Denzel Washington role is cradling a knife in his right hand guarding the transvestite on the ground in the background. The man in the middle is demanding the man with the knife stay out of it by yammering “fuck these white people nigga” repeatedly, while resourcefully wrapping his left hand with a towel for knife defense and squaring off; the hero holds his ground. Dakota, who doesn’t appear to be involved in the beating later, is making a show of hiding his left hand in his backpack and telling the man to put down the knife, answering “you’ll find out soon enough” when asked what’s in the bag.

The white guy in a blue tee in the background is Adam Haner, who is beaten into a coma by the crew at the end of the video. Very tough to watch.

Things were at their worst in August of 2020. The action here takes place just a block over from the besieged police station; lawlessness reigned. I was passing this same intersection an hour and a half before when I recorded a group of very young aspiring thugs beating down a very young black bloc kid–over, it appeared, their beating up a homeless man. They’re part of a group of kid-thugs that appeared on the streets at this stage, harassing the weak and fighting amongst themselves.

For a while it was taken for granted the police would not show up when called downtown until someone had to be picked up off the asphalt–and that not without difficulty. The police did not own the streets.

Less than a week after this I recorded Dakota at the August 22 Patriot Prayer rally that antifa eventually chased out of town, threatening to return with his “Glock” before storming off dramatically; again, every time I’ve encountered him, in the news–his “assault” on the fed employee reads more like threatening, with him promising to, yes, return with a gun–on video and in person, he’s invoked that threat. But the gun never appears–indeed, he seems to disappear when things go bad–and he managed to keep himself out of serious trouble and mostly out of jail in Portland’s forgiving law enforcement environment until now. Alas for that child. Dakota appears toward the end of this video.

For the conviction on the federal assault charges he got two months, time served, and was on probation when his child was beaten into a coma in April 2021, eventually becoming that bloody year’s youngest homicide victim.

[At his January 2021 sentencing for assault his] lawyer said that Means early this year was living with his wife and was expecting a second child in March. Means also was set to get a mental health assessment and treatment, the lawyer said then.

That second child was his son Hunter, who was six weeks old when he went into the hospital last April.

Tell to your cellie, Dakota, tell it to your cellie

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