Down and Out in Portland October 22: Misery under the New Order

Old Town
Central Eastside Industrial District
Third Avenue and Alder, downtown
Fourth Ave, downtown. This person remained in place like this for at least two days.
Downtown. She is rising from the overturned pedestal of a George Washington statue toppled in summer 2020. Behind her is the German American Society of Portland where the statue stood since 1926
Downtown riverfront
From before the 2020 rioting; downtown
Resistance. Apple Store, 2020
Chapman Square; Justice Center in the background
. From 2020. After the city removed a 120 year-old elk statue and fountain here to save it from antifa’s nightly bonfires, the anarchists erected makeshift replacements, beginning with their “Evil Elk”, which was taken as a trophy by patriots. This was the last iteration, toppled here by black thugs during their shakedown of the “Jail Support” tent encampment nearby.
From before 2020, near PSU across the street from a former antifa house.
Louis Vuitton, store downtown, 2020
Chapman Park downtown, 2020
Pre-2020; Such graffiti claiming Portland for antifa’s “4th Brigade” disappeared with the ascent of George Floyd and BLM
.”The Promised Land” statue commemorating settlers, since removed. Lonsdale Park, with the Justice Center in the background. 2020

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