Standards, Disparity and Equilibrium

White American and black American culture have always been largely distinct. Until recently, as a matter of course, the European Christian “white” cultural standard determined the nature of our society and law. It had to, just as any nation and society has to have a similar basis. Before the civil rights era of the sixties this was taken for granted. In the time since critical theory working through media propaganda has moved heaven and earth to invert this reality, making commonplace the assumption that the European basis for our civilization is dysfunctional and unnatural, created with the express intent of controlling non-whites, even somehow anticipating in its earliest form the arrival of blacks and the necessity of keeping them down. Black criminality and mediocrity are cited as proof of the dysfunctional nature our society–not, God forbid, the dysfunctional nature of black American society.

Critical race and associated theory operate by identifying the white European origins of what is normative in our society and casting them as unnatural, transgressions against a universalist order with no basis in ethnicity–or reality. Something that has never existed anywhere and the appeal of which is hard to see, if you’re not invested in the destruction of this particular society and order.

This model assuming a vague, lost Eden to which we would, will, naturally default once the unnatural order of “white supremacy” is removed (somehow as durable as it is unnatural) applies throughout progressive theory; feminism for instance proceeds as if “patriarchy” was a trick the men pulled at some point, upsetting the natural non-patriarchal order–to which feminism seeks to return us, never finally, for that would end the game, but over and over. Yet just as America would not exist without its European origins, society would not exist if pre-civilizational tribes had attempted “equality” between men and women–ignoring the demands of pregnancy and child-rearing in pre-technological society.

Men, having created the modern world relieving women of the demands of reproduction that nature saddled them with, are now being thrown under the bus for their trouble; feminist theory exists in large part to obscure the reality of male invention freeing women from drudgery. Feminism also has its attendant mythology of lost matriarchal civilizations, even finding presumed matriarchies in the animal kingdom. Ethnic theory likewise spins tales of the “hidden” contributions of minorities and of great non-white civilizations–Wakanda. Likewise, white Europeans, having created the modern world, are now to be thrown under the historical bus. They are inconvenient to the narrative and their achievements are an affront.

The difference between black and white culture has always been the true source of the racial disparity in incarceration, as undeniable now as it is unmentionable. Like the definition of family, also distinct between white and black, a culture’s definition of the criminal is essential. A savage beating taken as a serious violent crime in all but the most degenerated white communities is nearly routine in the black hood. The disparity in violent crime rates must in fact under-reflect the disparity in violent behavior between white and black

The tension created by police enforcing white cultural norms in black environments has always been the ultimate source of black rage against police and the legal system; in addition to the stress of laboring under white standards of justice, it’s seen as an insult. BLM and the movement to defund the police is from one angle the struggle for preeminence between white and black value systems, and is producing two partly separate systems of justice, one white one black, under the guise of eliminating police brutality. If the result was merely driving police and attendant white norms out of black neighborhoods, as is happening, it would be bad enough, but the fact is we cannot segregate, even without the progressive left’s determination to prevent it. So the effect is a two-tiered system establishing black norms for black people but not white norms for white people, who in fact are stranded in this new order.

In an all-white context there is no pressure on authorities to adopt the black standard; a white criminal is just a criminal. The movement against “mass incarceration” on the other hand, driven to reduce black prison terms at all cost and led by elected officials and district attorneys, means that in an all black environment a criminal is not necessarily a criminal. In conflicts between white and black actors, the white party is held to one standard–often impossible to meet–and the black to another.

Problems occur, over and over, when blacks, now dimly aware of the privilege assigned them to assert their own cultural norms, take their application of these norms in broader society as an essential right. Overwhelmingly issues of alleged police brutality involve black people who simply refuse to comply with white standards of decency and submit to arrest.

The truth is a wholly black “America”, left to its own devices, would eventually settle into a system with harsher laws and customs. Chaos can’t go on forever. In our perverse environment, where we cannot acknowledge the true problem, that natural process is prevented from happening. Black America’s culture of the criminal is sustained by this unnatural order of things. The ongoing, enforced misunderstanding of that criminal culture as the result of the law and order it opposes is the mechanism by which law and order is being eroded. The two competing standards, white and black, cannot co-exist; eventually one or the other has to give or, as is planned for us, a third way establishing a sort of racial privilege for blacks must–ironically just what they contend we have regarding whites.

I first thought of this years ago, when listening to the classic Wu Tang album 36 Chambers, when this piece of flotsam surfaced, in the random fashion lyrics appear in rap songs:

…then Bernhard Goetz what he deserves”

I realized Goetz, the half-Jewish New Yorker who raised a national scandal when he shot four black thugs about to mug him, had done nothing so much as adopt the same ethic as those very rappers, the celebration of which the lyrics here interrupt to condemn him. That ethic holds that the weaker party in a fight can avail himself of a weapon. No gangsta would condemn another for using a gun against four assailants; he wouldn’t call it cowardly and he wouldn’t call it criminal. The right to use a weapon when otherwise at a disadvantage is a core value of the gangsta worldview; it’s even somewhat defensible, when the alternative, for an average black boy in the hood, is to be bullied, often literally to death.

Bernhard’s crime was not in defending himself but doing it while white, and against blacks. What the Wu Tang rapper should have said was that the gangsta form of justice is proprietary, for me and not thee, white boy.

Blacks are becoming supra-citizens, enjoying not-yet explicit legal privileges denied whites.   Non-black non-whites appropriate some of this license by mimicking the narrative–carefully, and often with a tributary nod toward black supremacy.  A latino can easily take advantage of the police racism narrative built up to elevate blacks, and the media system, with the automatic efficiency that a culture of something has over a conspiracy of something, accepts but assigns it a lower level of hysterical amplification, and the paler brown pays a tribute, like lesser mafiosi “giving a taste” to the Don. When Al Sharpton shows up in solidarity with a given non-black anti-white grift, the paler browns are “kicking up”.

Chicago DA Kim Foxx advanced the cause of black-values-for-black people when declining to prosecute the combatants in a deadly shootout, citing “mutual combat“. Notably, whites aren’t allowed the mutual combat excuse when fighting among themselves, and definitely not if engaged even in defensive combat against black aggression.  Only the clearest example of self defense, at least for the moment, will excuse the cursed white who raises a hand to a blessed black. 

Remarkably, despite the shootout in Chicago in which over a hundred shots were fired and a stolen vehicle crashed and set ablaze (a totally unnecessary and stupid attempt to destroy evidence, apparently) in a residential neighborhood, the DA’s derelict prosecutors recognized no right of the public to reasonable security.  Instead they made the remarkable calculation that if no offense is committed by either criminal party against the other (when blacks are involved), no crime was committed.  In the old order the warring factions would be recognized, at least, as entering into a criminal conspiracy with their “mutual combat”, like illegal dueling, without the honor that leaves innocent third parties out of it.  “The people versus” the criminal is a dead phrase.

A black boy who recently shot up his classroom after getting beat up wasn’t characterized in the media as a “school shooter” but a bullied teen. Indeed the case wasn’t typical of a “school shooting”, but of black mayhem. Fortunately the bully was black (of course); had the shooter’s bully been white he likely would be a hero and the school picketed. The fact is the shooter adopted the gangsta ethic, and as a black boy he’s allowed to. Needless to say, if all parties were white or, God forbid, the situation involved a white shooter and black bullies (and many school shootings do, as in Columbine, where the shooters sought out jocks and blacks), the media line would bear little resemblance to the one we see.

In this environment redemption too looks different depending on the shade of your skin. An NBA executive thus loses no position in broader society at the same time he gains credibility by revealing a murder he committed as a sixteen year-old. Despite being convicted of the crime the issue never came up; the “white” society said to be obsessed with criminalizing blacks and thus holding them back was incurious, and now can only congratulate him for what would appall them if they found it out about a white man.

In Oregon an aspiring rapper invoked his privilege by hitting on a man’s girlfriend in his presence, The white man refused to recognize that privilege so the would-be Jay-Z started a fight and was shot and killed by the white guy. As Andrew Anglin pointed out, it all looked very much like “mutual combat”; the local district attorney, sensing opportunity, has decided to feature it as white supremacy, citing the long history of lynching black men for interest in white women.

But “mutual combat”, difficult enough for whites engaging with aggressive, tougher and more reckless blacks, is not legally possible for white people. We are to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Into this wonderful future we go.

2 thoughts on “Standards, Disparity and Equilibrium

  1. Really great summation and I can’t add much. Other than I would think white employers would be scared to death of hiring blacks. Especially smarter better-educated blacks who spend many years perfecting shakedown techniques exploiting Eloi levels of mindless virtue signaling. Maybe it will get to the point where blacks needn’t work at all but get paid (reparations) for merely existing.

    Hopefully we’re at the apogee of a kind of class war/religious hysteria concerning this and climate change, Covid shots, etc., and the madness will wind down. Maybe Covid is a bridge too far and will eventually turn the tide because the ruling religion will lose legitimacy. Maybe White Material (see the movie) will one day wake up and come to their senses when some black person someday, somewhere, decides blonde hair and blue eyes are racist. (You’d have to convince me why this WOULDN’T happen.)

    Playing devil’s advocate – logically that is true since only Caucasians have these attributes and they must disturb and trouble the non-white. There would have to be massive deep-faking of all photos, films and works of art which contain these racist images in order to “re-imagine” history. Blonde women (and men) would be required to dye their hair (and possibly destroy any luxurious quality by chemical means). Admittedly, wealthy men of all races are strongly attracted to blonde women so there would need to be established some sort of filtering whereby only they can have them. A new caste system, perhaps. Projecting further, blond-haired fetuses would have to be aborted in the lower castes.

    A few years ago I would have thought this farfetched. But, after the last few years I’m more inclined to believe we may be heading into a very strange world. A lot of what I’ve written is already taking place in various ways today and I’m merely extrapolating on current trends, many of which are long-term. It’s not that individual whites are suicidal with their security systems, deadbolt locks and neighborhood watch committees. But, collectively they very well may be.

    I guess it all depends on the desire of the white race to survive. For a look at the psychic dimension of all this do see the movie, White Material, starring the great French actress Isabelle Huppert. It’s about the current situation with the French in the Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) written and directed by a woman who grew up there, Claire Denis, a typical western intellectual, who nevertheless, despite her biases, manages to make art serve a tale of the undoing of a real world.

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