Ebony and Ivory

A man shot by a Portland cop last night has died:

The subject involved in the officer involved shooting has died at the hospital.

On Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 7:06p.m., North Precinct officers were dispatched to a report of a welfare check on a white adult male dressed in all black at a motel in the 500 block of Northeast Holladay Street. After officers arrived with paramedics, they encountered a man matching that description and an officer involved shooting took place.

In a common occurrence the police were called because a mentally unstable man was behaving erratically or assaulting people in the street. Police are revealing nothing at this point but that and that a shooting occurred. Rumor is rife.

Immediately antifa propagandists sent out the call for action, alleging another black victim of police violence:



The audio of the “interview” mentioned above has yet to appear and the tweets remain up, but neither of these characters, Grace Morgan or Griffin Malone, have updated their reportage, as of this writing, despite the fact early last night the cops–who’ve so far said barely more than that a shooting took place–revealed the race of the now deceased as white.

(notably as “a white man in all black”, like antifa)

Antifa sublimated their disappointment in affected outrage at the very notion they would be any less outraged, and the cynicism of the cops’ transparent, buzzkilling move.


Among the rumors out there is that the shooter was a black cop and that the white perp was armed with a knife and had slashed someone (someone BIPOC!) before the encounter with police.

This takes place as the state endures a record heat wave.

Update: Koin 6 News here reports witnesses say the cop shot a man attempting to stab another:

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