Blacks Behaving Badly, February 14

Mother shoves woman into the path of a bus, calls her a ‘white bitch’, gets no prison time (London, Feb. 14)

According to Prosecutor John Livingston, Doris had accused Lancaster, who is a pensioner in her 60s, of bumping her handbasket against her son’s head while inside the Tesco Express in nearby Warwick Way.

Livingston said Doris yelled at her:

“You’ve met the wrong woman, you white bitch.”

Clownworld Horror (Feb. 11):

A convicted sex offender allegedly raped a woman on Long Island before returning to her home two days later in clown makeup to commit burglary, prosecutors said.

Joseph Johnson, 33, of Wyandanch, was indicted Wednesday for his alleged crime spree last September, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini.

Johnson is accused of first breaking into several cars near the Wyandanch train station last Sept. 19. Later that day, he allegedly broke into a home, raped and choked a woman and fled with stolen cash, prosecutors said.

The homeowner installed surveillance cameras, which captured Johnson back at the home two days later in clown makeup.

The surveillance system was also damaged that day, officials said.

Black the Ripper caught (Feb 14):

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan (WABC) — A man was arrested and charged Sunday in connection with a string of subway attacks that left two people dead.

Police say 21-year-old Rigoberto Lopez is charged with murder and attempted murder in four separate attacks on the A subway line.

Authorities say when they caught him, he still had a knife in his possession and was wearing the same clothing he was seen in on surveillance video.

Police said Lopez is likely homeless, his last known address is a homeless shelter in Brooklyn.

Deputy Chief Brian McGee said the attacks were unprovoked, and the victims did not initiate anything. He also said that Lopez was previously hospitalized for mental illness.

The crimes are just the latest in a string of violence in the subway across the city.

In Saturday’s violence, officials investigated four total incidents, two of which were fatal, of stabbings and slashings that occurred on A line subway trains in less than 24 hours between Friday at 11:20 a.m. and Saturday at 1:28 a.m.

Officials say a man was found with numerous stab wounds to his neck and torso onboard an A train around 11:30 p.m. Friday night stopped at the Mott Avenue subway station in Far Rockaway, Queens.

EMS arrived and pronounced the unidentified victim dead at the scene.

Dindu Barbeque (Feb 15):

A registered sex offender from Philadelphia has been arrested in connection with human body parts that were found in the back of a U-haul truck and inside a burglarized home, including deep-fried hands and feet. 

Taray Herring, 47, was arraigned on Saturday on abuse of a corpse and burglary charges, as well as counts of criminal trespass, theft, and evidence-tampering. He was ordered held without bail…

Although the victim has not been officially named, neighbors have identified him as 70-year-old Peter Gerold, who they say ran a massage therapy practice out of his home on Sanibel Street.  

Police said that on Wednesday, someone from a out of state called them, asking to perform a welfare check on Garold. Officers arrived at the residence but did not force their way inside because the home seemed secure and there were no signs of a break-in. 

After interviewing Herring, police found body parts inside Garold’s unattached garage and evidence that someone had tried to burn the remains.

Neighbors described Garold as a kind person who shared honey from his beehives with them, and who was known for offering work to random people seeking to make some money.  

They said they had not seen him for about a week and had grown concerned for his well-being. 

‘He helped out a lot of people, so you know it was somebody that he probably helped out at one point that came back and did this to him,’ one neighbor told CBS Philly. 

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