Pozztown Police Blotter February 2

Terror Driver Charged (January 27)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Today, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that 64-year-old Paul Rivas is charged with murder in the second degree and other related charges for his alleged role in the vehicular homicide of 77-year-old Jean Gerich and the vehicular assault of at least six other people.

Rivas is charged with one count of murder in the second degree, seven counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver and six counts of assault in the second degree.

It is alleged that Rivas used his vehicle as a dangerous weapon to cause the death of Ms. Gerich and to cause physical injury to at least six other people.

This investigation started on January 25, 2021 when the Portland Police Bureau responded to multiple reports of a vehicle described as a Honda Element traveling at a high rate of speed and intentionally striking multiple people in the areas of Southeast Stark Street and Southeast Belmont Street between approximately Laurelhurst Park and Southeast 17th Avenue.

Law enforcement identified Rivas as the driver of the Honda Element.

During the investigation, law enforcement spoke with numerous witnesses and learned Rivas appeared to be deliberately attempting to strike nearby vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians by swerving towards them while in the roadway and while on the sidewalk.

The Axis of Anarchy immediately began frantically calling the act political terrorism. Despite it dominating local news for the day, the bodies weren’t cleared from the street before the usual sources, their hope barely concealed, were off to the races (excuse the phrase) in characterizing the “white” male driver as a potential political terrorist, and the media as covering it up.

When the man with the Hispanic name was revealed to be just another crazy Portlander their interest snapped back like a rubber band. Watching the hysteria I was reminded of the chaos following 9/11, when Islamic terrorists were thought to be lurking everywhere; at its height someone called the police after he thought he saw Saddam Hussein in a diner.

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