Pozztown Police Blotter January 16

Mob tries to free knife-wielding crazy from police (January 15):

A protest that formed around a crisis call involving a man holding a knife downtown prompted a call for help citywide.

On Friday, January 15, 2021 at about 1:00p.m., Central Precinct officers responded to a welfare check call outside an apartment building in the 300 block of Southwest 4th Avenue. The call indicated that a man had jumped from a second story window of the building, pulled out a knife, and began waving it around at people and cars going by.

The 30-year-old man showed arriving officers his knife, held it to his neck, and said he would kill himself if they came any closer. An Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team (ECIT) officer began a dialogue with the man in crisis, while other officers attempted to clear the area hoping to reduce the stress of the situation. The officers learned that the man was schizophrenic and extremely paranoid. He not only threatened to kill himself, he said he would hurt others as well. Rather than rush in, exacerbating a dangerous situation, officers slowed down, kept their distance, and exercised patience and de-escalation.

The negotiation lasted for about 90 minutes before two separate crowds of protesters began showing up to the north and south. Some in the crowd began chanting, and one even started using a bullhorn. The extra noise and distraction made it impossible for the specially trained officers to speak to the man. Officers implored the crowd to stop interfering, but their energy only increased. Even when the suicidal man’s mother arrived and begged the crowd to stop, most in the crowd continued. Some in the crowd began threatening the officers. A supervisor requested resources citywide, and all available officers responded from North and East Precincts. This caused a major resource drain citywide and all but the highest priority calls had to wait. The officers had to don helmets and face shields to protect themselves as they stood in front of the hostile crowd.

The officers consulted with the Crisis Negotiation Team, whose members were able to find a mental health professional familiar with the man. They learned that the man could be a threat to himself and violent toward others. After over 3 hours of negotiation, the incident commander set into motion a plan to take the man into custody. A K9 unit was used to divert his attention by barking so officers could safely approach him. A Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW, or Taser) was used to prevent him from using the knife, and he was taken into custody and transported by ambulance to a hospital. Besides the punctures from the CEW probes, he was uninjured.

Ironically, the Portland Police are actually highly trained for dealing with the mentally ill, and the “crisis intervention team” and strategy they cite above, which the crowd tried to disrupt, was adopted in compliance with a settlement agreement reached with Obama’s Justice Department and was crafted by the “experts” of progressive police reform. The same people who now call for police abolition.

That’s also been my personal impression having spent a lot of time downtown, having seen countless interactions between cops and crazies. If anything their hand is too light. I once literally dragged a desperate homeless man having some sort of psychotic episode out of a store after he knocked over a woman trying to get behind the counter; police arrived hours later, catching up to him at a gas station nearby. After ascertaining no one was injured, they let him go on his way.

Police interaction with Portland’s vibrant mentally ill community has long been a vector of attack on the system for the local progressive project to abolish the police. In 2011 an obliging Thomas Perez, number two in Eric Holder’s Justice Department initiated a “pattern and practice” investigation against the city–in a press conference attended by the mayor and police chief. Seattle was another progressive city that just happened to discover an intolerable police brutality problem at the same time it acquired an ambitious progressive ally in the White House. Senators Ron Wyden and Earl Blumenauer joined with city and police commissioner Dan Saltzman in writing to the Justice Department in early 2010 requesting an investigation after police called to check on a suicidal man armed with a gun shot and killed him, before any local investigation had concluded.

Unsurprisingly the Justice Department found a “pattern or practice of using excessive force in encounters involving people with actual or perceived mental illness”, after an 18-month investigation.

In this case the man was still armed with a knife three hours into the scene and had to be subdued with tasers. Excessive use of tasers was another charge leveled by the DOJ after their investigation. The local left is wallowing in their affected outrage over the incident, and of course the use of police dogs.

Blame Wonder Woman: She-ooter Arrested (January 15)

PORTLAND, Ore. — A woman was arrested in connection with a shooting investigation in southeast Portland Wednesday night.

Officers were first called to the 100 block of Southeast 146th Avenue just before 10 p.m. on January 13 on reports of shots heard.

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According to Portland police, a victim had been assaulted but was not hit by gunfire.

Police arrested 33-year-old Lakecia Dean on charges of attempt murder, unlawful use of a weapon, and felon in possession of a firearm.

This incident was one of several shootings in the Portland are Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

He-shooter arrested

On October 31st, 2020, at approximately 3:37 p.m., East Precinct officers responded to the 1600 block of Northeast 66th Avenue on reports of a large disturbance where someone had a gun. Officers arrived on scene and learned there was an exchange of gunfire between unknown males at Northeast 66th Avenue and Northeast Broadway Street. There were no victims injured, however, several occupied residences and parked cars were struck during the shooting.

Officers assigned to Portland Police Bureau’s Assault Detail were briefed on the case and assumed the investigation. A suspect was identified in the incident and officers obtained a search warrant for the residence the suspect was staying at in Estacada.

In the early morning hours of January 15, 2021, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office’s SWAT team served the warrant on the suspect’s residence and he was arrested without incident. During the search, which was conducted by PPB’s Assault Detail officers, handgun ammunition and body armor was recovered.

39-year-old Gregory Allen Green was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, and Possession of a Loaded Firearm. Green has also had multiple felony convictions in the past, including a recent federal conviction as a felon in possession of a firearm.

Seeing a lot of white thugs with neck tats lately

Lazy Escape

MARION COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help to locate an inmate who walked away from the transition center.

The sheriff’s office said Mathew Mungenast, 20, walked away from the Marion County Transition Center, located at 3950 Aumsville Highway Southeast in Salem, on Thursday morning.

Mungenast was in custody for second-degree theft and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle.

Simpout, Chimpout:

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – Three teens were arrested following what the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is calling an impromptu home invasion robbery.

On Jan. 4, just after 12 a.m., deputies were called out to a report of a robbery at the Townhomes with a View apartment complex, located at 9840 Southeast Talbert Street in Clackamas.

The sheriff’s office said three people, ages 19-22, share the apartment and one of the roommates had invited an 18-year-old woman from Salem to visit the apartment. According to the sheriff’s office, the roommate reportedly only knew the woman via Snapchat and had never met in person.

The woman arrived to the apartment with three men, identified as Daetrayl Berry, 18, Andrew Scott Luhr, 18, and Emmanuel Petry, 18, all from Salem.

The sheriff’s office said the roommate was not aware that the woman would be accompanied by the three men.

During the visit, the sheriff’s office said the men became aware of several firearms at the apartment and they decided to steal the firearms in what appears to be an impromptu home invasion robbery.

After the woman left in a white sedan around midnight, one of the suspects picked up a pistol belonging to one of the roommates, held it to the head of another roommate, and threatened to shoot, according to the sheriff’s office.

Berry, Luhr and Petry then stole two Glock pistols, a .22 Ruger bolt-action rifle and an AR-15 rifle. The suspects left the apartment and fled on foot.

After the victims called 911, deputies arrived to the scene and located the suspects. The sheriff’s office said the firearms were not located on them.

Deputies, along with K-9 Coda, searched the area. The sheriff’s office said K-9 Coda located the firearm hidden below a structure and under some leaves.

According to the sheriff’s office, the serial numbers had been scratched off one of the weapons.

The woman who was invited to the apartment is being followed up with, but is not facing any charges at this time, the sheriff’s office said.

And she skips along, leaving a trail in her wake. Remember boys, if she sounds too good to b e true, she might show up with a few dindus.

They ain’t making teenagers like they used to

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