Pozztown Police Blotter January 12 2020

Another day another shooting in Portland’s east:

One person is dead following an early morning shooting in northeast Portland on Tuesday, according to police.

Shots rang out around 4:15 a.m. near the 4800 block of Northeast 100th Avenue. The sole victim was dead by the time officers arrived at the scene.

Portland has a vision coupling a high population influx with high density development like every other progressive city, our “2035 Plan”, where developers finance the transformation of American cities. How ours will fare in the economy the racial reckoning is creating remains to be seen.

Whether by accident or design Portland’s scheme was creating a situation something like Paris, where the immigrant banlieues and their attendant problems are planted in the suburbs, and the city spared for the good, enlightened people who can afford it. East of the Willamette River and downtown was where blacks bought houses due to redlining, and was considered “blighted” when capturing Great Society money and attention. Being so close in to downtown it’s been gentrifying for a long time (this is the source of the great Red House struggle), and the ghetto has migrated east, toward dowdy and depressing Gresham, at the same time we’ve begun the importation of third world colonies. Sketchiness and danger increase as one heads east.

Shootings are up everywhere, and the near east is where the people with jobs exist in closer proximity to “the Community” (in progressive-speak black people).

The shooting above took place in the Parkrose neighborhood.

Portland’s doubling in homicides so far comes on the heels of the city dismantling its gun violence team, as part of the Great Racial Reckoning of 2020; gun or gang units are coming down wherever they’re vulnerable because they tend to put a lot of young black men in jail.

Jo Ann Hardesty, city councilmember leading the police abolition movement here and forcing those cuts, announced the city’s Portland Street Response program took its first steps today:

Portland Street Response (PSR), the innovative non-police response championed by Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty to assist people experiencing houselessness or a behavioral/mental health crisis, kicked off its first day with its pilot team on Monday, January 11.

The team consists of a program manager, a firefighter/paramedic, a mental health clinician, and two community health workers.

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