Rockin’ New Years Skeeve

Antifa assembled at Portland’s Justice Center last night in a reprise of last summer’s continual occupation and protest there and forced an undermanned federal force to retreat.

The event was planned for 10 PM. Black bloc started filling the park blocks across the street a couple of hours beforehand. Small fires were lit early on.

Protesters near City Hall, New Year’s Eve, Reuters

The feds were later backed up by Portland cops–the federal deputation of some 100 of them expired with the year at midnight, which was not lost on antifa. The de rigueur smashing of a Starbucks–first of the year!–happened.

The crowd was about a hundred. Stumbling home myself later I saw a typical young woke white couple in full “bloc”, black-clad head-to-toe with shiny new gear, waiting for the elevator in their expensive downtown apartment building.

The year begins.

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