The Arc of Justice Bends Toward Grift

The tale of Riot Ribs, antifa “mutual aid kitchen” and minor subplot in the story of the Summer of George, came to an ignominious end the other day:

On Saturday, November 28, 2020 at 2:33a.m., Central Precinct officers were dispatched to a report of a disturbance involving a weapon in the 1000 block of Southwest 3rd Avenue. When officers arrived they saw that an outdoor kitchen was heavily damaged (photos). An adult male victim reported that he was working in the kitchen when he was robbed by a group of about a dozen suspects. According to the victim, one suspect was armed with a shotgun. The victim said that some of his cooking equipment was stolen and other equipment was damaged. The suspects also heavily damaged the victim’s car parked next to his canopy (photo).

On July 4 a lone man with a grill showed up at Lownsdale Park where the above crime took place, and began barbequing for the crowd. This was just over a month into the siege, when hundreds occupied the parks across from the jail by day and rioted by night. He was tear-gassed that evening, legend has it. The operation grew and the originator–supposedly an original Black Panther–passed it off to a group of volunteers. More equipment was brought in, a little tent complex developed, with a free snack bar and storage for backpacks and gear (and riot implements, police would later charge); several grills operated 24 hours a day and handing out free food.

The police raided the tents at least once, on July 28, and cleared out the entire park at one point. But the park closure would not hold and the reconstituted Riot Ribs was eventually left alone, for the most part, by the police. I recall watching once as the police, sweeping Lownsdale Park after declaring a riot, going around the tents and allowing its lone attendant to remain in place. The operation started drawing donations and along with it the attention of the black thug element that had attached itself to the protests. Their story is assigned to obscurity by embarrassed antifa, but black thuggery loomed large during the heady early days, when all manner of opportunist was drawn to the movement. Before long the earnest volunteers of Riot Ribs were bailing out:

We came here to feed people, and we felt like we set up a good system. As long as the state keeps inflicting violence on people, especially people who are just trying to eat, we were planning to be out here cooking. But there was a lot of greed and selfishness that came with it. People who volunteered weren’t in it for the right reasons—they were grilling, but they were also stealing money from the tip jar. We had no authority to kick anybody out. We decided to halt operations in Lownsdale Square for fear of our safety.

So our group created Revolution Ribs. We bought two used sprinter vans, filled up their tanks, and got them grills and coolers. We have four people sleeping and cooking in each van—they have the ability to mobilize and help out other communities, so they picked up and left. They’re already in the Bay Area, and they’ll eventually head east.

A smaller tent and a few grills rose on the ruins of Riot Ribs, calling itself BLM Ribs. For weeks a pair of disheveled thugs guarded the kitchen, manning their phones as the grills sat idle, long after the crowds had gone home. That it was the same two guys, for the most part, gives me the impression they were working for someone else.

When Adam Haner was savagely beaten by a group identifying as protest security rumors swirled that they were the same group shaking down Riot Ribs. Riot Ribs’ operators claimed to fear the police but it was their own black allies that ran them out, and with relative ease. The halt described above came after the group was threatened with a gun after a period of increasing harassment. The thugs of BLM Ribs, before they got the boot, viewed themselves as the authority of the emptied-out occupied blocks, and cited it when shaking down the last miserable remnants of the summer siege.

I believe a black thug crew decided to take over the operation for themselves, but didn’t seem much interested in actually running it. They kept it open to solicit donations, and maybe just to maintain a presence–before BLM Ribs was sacked they were the last group continually occupying the park. A small tent camp attached to antifa’s Jail Support outfit, which bails rioters out and the like, was tossed by the same low-level hoods manning BLM Ribs, angry the group was getting donations–while they sat ignored.

So eventually these small fry thugs got swallowed up themselves, of course. The nature of the robbery suggests a rival black crew. But the knuckleheads in the video above no doubt set off some repercussions within the protest/criminal combine and complaints were made. Jail Support, soliciting donations for cash bail, was likely tied closer to the ACLU/Lawyer’s Guild faction. Suspiciously, such outfits were being raised up nationally before George Floyd’s death and the demonstrations. Of course in Portland the need isn’t really there–the vast majority are released without charges or bail. Whatever the case, when the boys of BLM Ribs ran off Jail Support it may have motivated the white (Jewish) leadership faction to finally protest to its black allies that this is all Bad for Business.

Perhaps BLM Ribs was sacrificed for its transgression after some negotiations. I imagine a scene, like in a movie where diverse bad guys convene to hash something out; our political/criminal Combine must be a riot of color and gender confusion around the table. A clown at its head proclaims: “BLM Ribs has got to go. Sorry, Shaniqua.”

One thing’s for sure. The present movement follows the pattern of the sixties: demagogy as black civil rights bringing enthusiasm to a fever pitch, then black thuggery and incompetence bringing it all crashing back down to earth.

Plus ca change.

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