What antifa does now that Trump is likely defeated and they’ve served that purpose, in the eyes of their elite enablers, will demonstrate how much autonomy and independence they have. The movement faces a crisis of success and opportunity.

They’ve brought amateur and professional journalists under control along with their own livestreamers; raw footage of their activities on the ground, some of it astounding, was everywhere all summer; it started drying up about a month ago as antifa took media control. Notably people still turn up at events, even now, marked as “press” and claiming attendant privileges as they film for evidence of police brutality, presumably ceding editorial control to movement leaders. Also notable is that many of these same amateur and professional journalists have helped police out conservative or objective journalists on the ground, who are removed with violence or intimidation.

Having produced (in the eyes of the elite, I imagine) results in deposing Trump and having brought their media to heel (and demonstrated their level of discipline and control thereby), antifa casts about for new slogans and agitprop to keep the movement rolling in the absence of Trump mania–and their transition perhaps from useful weapon to dangerous threat in the eyes of their powerful friends, who are about to find out if they can put this feral cat back in the bag.

“No Good Presidents” is offered as a theme for transitioning from the defiant Trump to the supplicant Biden, in this poster for a recent action:

“In Solidarity with BLM” is notable as well. Look for “in solidarity with” to replace actual BLM protests–probably an attempt to get out from under the demands of blacks to lead and speak at any BLM event, where the speeches are depressingly uniform, equal parts racial invective and cash app solicitation.

One story untold–as a result of antifa narrative control–of this summer’s Black Lives Matter siege in Portland has been the collapse of that aspect of the movement as a result of black incoherence, grift and predation upon their more earnest white co-conspirators. Black Lives Matter failed here because it has too many black people. The tale of the ill-fated “Riot Ribs” franchise, started when a lone white guy turned up with a grill giving away ribs, growing into a donation-drawing enterprise and thus ending ignominiously when taken over by black thugs, who also took it upon themselves to clear out a nearby tent encampment for the recently arrested and released–they were angered at not getting a cut of donations.

The “Wall of Moms” faced a similar fate. They surrendered their franchise after it started attracting donations to a local black advocacy group under the guise of handing control over to black women; it promptly disappeared, like Riot Ribs, where a lone tent and grill advertises “BLM Ribs”, always with a few spectral negroes hanging about.

Social media suggests some disarray now in planning and strategy.  Antifa is trying to find itself, God help us.

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