Siege Notes September 4: Going Down the Reinoehl

Michael Reinoehl went out in a hail of federal lead. This is shortly after giving an exclusive interview to Vice, through an antifa-allied Portland journalist, where he claimed self-defense (notably, acknowledging guilt against the advice of “lots of lawyers”). Vice teased the videotaped interview but have yet to release it complete. Whether Reinoehl’s end causes trouble for them or their Portland-based operative remains to be seen. It need not be that Vice dropped the proverbial dime on the antifa hero, but if antifa makes the reasonable conjecture Vice’s recklessness only prompted the US Marshal-led raid and execution, or even contributed to his being found it could create another troublesome rift for the BLM/antifa movement.

If the idea of joining a posse hunting antifa as a deputized US Marshal appeals to you, it’s probably not a possibility, despite my musing earlier it might be technically legal. Still, while the practice of deputation as a US Marshal is limited to law enforcement the language remains open:

The Director, United States Marshals Service, is authorized to deputize the following persons to perform the functions of a Deputy U.S. Marshal in any district designated by the Director:

(a) Selected officers or employees of the Department of Justice;

(b) Selected federal, state, or local law enforcement officers whenever the law enforcement needs of the U.S. Marshals Service so require;

(c) Selected employees of private security companies in providing courtroom security for the Federal judiciary;

(d) Other persons designated by the Associate Attorney General pursuant to 28 CFR 0.19(a)(3)

Standard practice it appears is you have to be a law enforcement officer with at least a year of experience to be deputized for certain special cases–maybe for participation in such as a drug task force or the multi-agency posse that lit up Reinoehl.

Still, elsewhere the language leaves openings: “persons with law enforcement training” can be deputized. I envision a future not of Trump deputizing patriots to fight antifa in the face of local inaction but of the triumphant new order come November deputizing the self-styled security forces of Portland BLM after a quick, heavily pozzed course in “law enforcement”, to put down the riotous insurrection of right wing militias.

Those security forces are implicated in the murder of Aaron Danielson by way of Reinhoehl, and they are probably the same gang that assaulted Adam Haner. I further suspect they are the same group that provided the muscle in the shake-down of antifa’s Riot Ribs franchise, which handed over its donations and operations to Don’t Shoot PDX after a campaign of intimidation.

Reinoehl makes a lot of his role as “security” in his interview with Vice, pleading not just self defense but defense of the city from the Trump car-hordes. He is in fact associated to some extent with the criminal gang that beat Adam Haner and others on the street during the Night of the Cheap Shots. On Twitter Kitty Shackleford reveals he can be identified at several points hanging around the assault on Haner, and seems to take direction from apparent ringleader “DC”.

By the way, here’s an individual we’ve seen before, when his photo was released after an arrest for assaulting a federal employee with death threats outside the courthouse. That photo matched him to a photo released by Portland Police looking for suspects in the Adam Haner attack. I don’t know that he participated in the assault, but he’s with the group, the self-styled BLM security team. I found the same guy in video I took from the BLM/Patriot Prayer showdown. In every instance we encounter him–in the arrest report and the two videos–he’s doing the same thing, threatening to shoot someone.

“Princess”, the gender-indeterminate hench, er, man, has since shaved her golden locks and sports a tube top, and is still running the streets along with everyone else involved in the Haner attack not named Marquis Love. Shackleford also reports on the child gangs, still roving the blocks around the 7/11 and causing mayhem. Many of these youngsters become peripherally involved in the actions of BLM security–as they were for the Adam Haner attack.

I don’t know that the gang that beat Haner is the same as that which appears to have shaken down Riot Ribs and forced them to hand over their donations to black-led Don’t Shoot PDX, but Portland is small, and black Portland smaller still. I don’t see any other criminal gangs turning up in the copious video documentation.

Thus even in the absence of antifa transparency and media interest, we see a connection between recognized BLM “security” in the murder of Danielson, the beating of Haner and the looting of Riot Ribs on behalf of Don’t Shoot PDX.

Not that anyone is paying attention, but Don’t Shoot and the BLM campaign as a whole dodged a bullet when Reinoehl caught one. His playing up his role as security–whether delusional or not–conceivably could have tied the murder and other violence to BLM in the public mind.

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