Siege Notes, August 3: Meet the New Boss

Portland is getting a new District Attorney five months ahead of schedule after lame-duck DA Rod Underhill announced his early retirement. He’s of the spawn of Soros class of prosecutors elected recently as part that figure’s campaign to elect progressive prosecutors nationwide:

Real Justice PAC, also co-founded by Shaun King, has supported 29 head prosecutors and state attorneys general since 2018, including several who were also backed by Soros, such as Gardner, Boudin, Rollins and Becton.

The organization is also backing the 2020 campaigns of Foxx and 13 other candidates seeking office. The organization’s goals include electing – and recruiting – candidates who would make changes to criminal justice systems such as ending cash bail and “rolling back practices that lead to mass incarceration.”

One 2020 candidate Real Justice succeeded in getting elected already is Multnomah County, Ore., District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who will be in a key position when he takes office on Aug. 1, given that his jurisdiction includes Portland, where riots have been taking place amid months of protests following Floyd’s death.

Schmidt has said that he would potentially drop charges against nonviolent protesters when he is in office, according to local NBC affiliate KGW.

Rod Underhill’s early departure paves the way for Schmidt’s intention to shield rioters from prosecution–those not charged with federal crimes at least.

One thought on “Siege Notes, August 3: Meet the New Boss

  1. Congrats for getting off blogspot!

    “Stop giving money to people who hate you” is a great motto for all of us to live by.


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