Siege of Portland June 25: City Haul

In a sign of easing tensions between our local color revolution occupiers and City Hall, the building was un-barricaded today.

At the same time the Justice Center was busy reinforcing its wooden barricades, building and erecting plywood and two-by-four doors and frames. It remains the center of a nightly siege, while things have eased up generally. The crowds now are more dedicated antifa, but smaller–someone estimated they topped out at 150 last night, harassing the cops and tearing holes in the cyclone fencing. 

In a triumph of hope over self-respect the city pulled down the outer fence that had encompassed the street in front of the building last Monday.

“We are removing the fence to show our willingness to have dialog and peaceful communication toward starting to heal our community. We are open and listening to discussions of how the community envisions its police serve them in the future.
“Our hope is that the nightly violence and destruction around the justice center will stop and the focus can be directed toward peaceful conversation. The inner fence will remain in place while the county side is repaired.”

With protesters pulling back during the day now–today there were no groups assembled in the park blocks between City Hall and the Justice Center, just people coming and going to look, normal folk and antifa sympathetic alike. The siege-feeling is lifting downtown–during the day–while the Justice Center is still set upon nightly, with demonstrators breaching the fence last night and police, still, showing restraint.
With the police in the Justice Center isolated like Fort Apache, no relief but the looting of their budget in sight, and city government throwing them under the bus daily in front of all manner of groups–intersectionality!–determined to get in on the opening of the social justice frontier that is the George Floyd hoax, the barricades going down at City Hall at the same time they’re going up across the way at the Justice Center, the betrayal and abandonment of the cops by the city couldn’t be more stark.

Mayor Wheeler now conducts remote city council meetings now in the guise of someone undergoing a self-criticism session:

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