Siege of Portland June 19: Occupation, Desecration

I spied a white couple–boys or girls, you ask? one of each, actually–resembling each other the way couples often do, both soft and pasty in the same way, their bodies cutting the same general outline; perhaps this is due to their matching clothes and black tees with “OK Boomer” printed on the front. They were going to the protest.
The crowds have eased downtown, with the occupation of the park blocks across from the still barricaded Justice Center, US District Court and Portland’s federal building mostly clearing out in daylight; by late in the night an antifa force of a hundred harass police there until being cleared out, dispersing and reforming as the cops chase them about in a now familiar dance. If the local effort isn’t waning we’re in a lull. 
The shock and awe phase of outright rioting, when the Justice Center was literally overrrun, came like an invasion, and now, having yielded such remarkable results, the campaign settles into a sort of occupation of low level antagonism, with smaller but vociferous groups showing up to throw stuff at police and pulling down a fine George Washington statue.

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