New Normal: Commuting

“Looking to carpool, Portland downtown, nightshift. Smokers okay.”

This was taken around 130AM. Small groups of protesters lingered harassing cops who gave chase. Things were finally winding down after the rioters spent themselves. The 8PM curfew was made a joke by the sheer number of people on the streets at 8–and still pouring in.

Police abandoned a blockade of Burnside Bridge and allowed a large group through, declaring them “peaceful”. I think this is them arriving triumphal at about 930PM:

The rioters are mostly white and not hardcore antifa but just “woke”–what’s different now is how many people antifa and organizers have brought out into the street with them. Manipulated or not (and it very much is), it doesn’t matter. Those behind this have demonstrated they can mobilize a broad range of people on the most absurd pretext. Of course, they can’t turn this off now and they knew it going in.

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