Portland Joins in

Protesters blocked off the street in front of Portland’s Justice Center around 2AM and drew no police attention as a few dozen rallied and gave speeches.

One speaker managed to praise the Symbionese Liberation Army (kidnappers of Patty Hearst) and its philosophy (symbiosis, naturally, so we may “evolve”), the Black Guerilla Family prison gang and, almost losing the audience, Qanon:

The protest wasn’t truly spontaneous, but this freestyle was:

Elsewhere the prevalence of white protesters suggests heavy Soros involvement. Portland protests are always disproportionately white antifa types already–and the organized, paid aspect of it probably higher–with relatively few genuinely wound up, angry blacks. You can see by the quality of speakers that the white organizers don’t have a deep well of talent when recruiting black “leaders”. So here there’s no pretense of spontaneity. But a genuine outpouring of black rage simply isn’t possible here (alas), so the intensity and nature of our protests is evidence in itself of the manipulated nature of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Witnessing their preparations last night with the usual forward unit of white kids setting up, seeing the antifa graffiti appear ahead of them, learning they were also returning to besiege the little ICE facility at the river: it’s too much of the same script and too little of, frankly, genuine black rage (these speakers really do have to talk themselves into it sometimes, with the help of the white kids, of course) and the reports from elsewhere of antifa involvement leave me with little doubt this is all an orchestrated national action timed to coincide with our other crisis.

Evil is afoot.

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