In the Booty of the Beast

Like Elvis with his black belt, Kim Kardashian will one day wield a law degree:

Kim Kardashian West is a step closer to becoming a lawyer, having finished her first year of study as an apprentice.

She told The Associated Press on Saturday that her next step is taking the “baby bar,” so-called because it’s a one-day exam. If she passes, she plans to study for another three years and then take the California bar exam.

“I’m super-motivated, and I really want to see it through,” she said in an interview after promoting a television documentary on criminal justice reform. “There’s obviously times where I’m overwhelmed and stressed and feel like I have a lot on my plate. My kids know that I’m in school just like they are. It’s 20 hours a week, so it is a lot of my time.”

“Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project” airs April 5 on Oxygen. The two-hour documentary shows her being visibly moved by prison inmates recounting their stories of landing behind bars. She talks to their families and friends, lobbies public officials and consults with their attorneys as well as her own.

Lest you think she’s a typically ill-informed celebrity whose ambitious vanity is about to visit destruction on whatever poor mortals get in its way, Kim is fully aware she could get someone killed:

Vince DiPersio, an executive producer of “The Justice Project,” said Kardashian West was taking on a “fair amount of risk” by advocating for the release of prisoners.

“She is a nationally known figure, and she has a big brand. God forbid someone gets out and does something terrible, but Kim is willing to take that risk,” he said.

She’s willing to risk a momentary brand devaluation and lost revenue, should one of her pets end up raping and murdering your daughter. Courage, thy name is Kardashian.

But seriously, that’s an astounding admission by Mr DiPersio, and if anyone is paying attention over at the Kardashian-Justice Project axis they might want to limit his interactions with the press.

I’m sure Kim’s own Jack Henry Abbott is penning some cringe-kitschy rap lyrics right now.

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